My girlfriend is a pervert

Mc's girlfriend is a real pervert only for him. She will make mc's all fantasy come true. She will make the Mc a pervert too. This is a story of how a perverted girlfriend makes her boyfriend perverted too, by giving every hot girl Mc likes or even a man and traps/femboys or her friends or even her own and Mc's family to Mc, For Mc to fuck them or make them his harem members. Note: There is no ntr for Mc in the story but there will be netori. Mc will be doing netori and ntr to others. Mc is bisexual. tags: Big ass, bubble butt, big boobs, small boobs, lactating, milking, pregnant, incest, yaoi, futanari, threesome, foursome, orgy, swap, netori, swinging, No ntr for Mc, slave, lesbian, huge harem, loli, pedo, gyaru and many more, etc. A lot of sex and mega harem building. Disclaimer: Don't take this story seriously. This story is made of fiction. This story is for fulfilling your hidden desires. Read this story at your own risk.

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8 Chs

Character picture(Special notice)

Because the character picture is a bit lewd I can't upload it here. You can see these character pictures in my X(which was Twitter before) account.

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