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-My Girlfriend in Japan






Chapter 1: Prologue

What's transmigration?

In simple terms it means, something moving from one place to another. But looking at it from a anime/weeb's lens, it means when the main protagonist is thrown into another world, residings within a new body, usually after dying. Is a bit more complicated, but that's the gist of it.

Jin's journey began with a simple act – going to bed. Little did he know that the next time he opened his eyes, he'd be greeted by a completely different bed and room, as if the world itself had orchestrated a surprise while he slept.

The year is 2019. The world seems the same. So I guess I'm still in the same world and timeline? Or maybe a parallel? Not to sure.

The major thing that changed was, my nationality, I'm Japanese now. Or at least half. Also half Indian. Big change from my previous white origins.

I guess now I can proudly say, I'm part of many races.

Is been about 2 weeks since I been transmigrated. At first, I of course was shocked to the core, but with time I recovered slowly. Especially since I read countless webnovels with similar themes and plots, so it was easier to understand what was happening with me.

What's up with every transmitter reading webnovels? Dont ask.

When I first reincarnated, I was afraid, wondering what the family of the pervious Jin would think, and the constant worry about how I would integrate into his new life.

However fortunately, this worry was meaningless.

As I gained all the memories of the previous Jin, so I was able to integrate easily without worrying about anything.

Though sometimes, I can't shake off the feeling that this is all a dream. Oh Well, might as well go with the flow for now. But there's something worth mentioning – my previous life's memories are like shattered fragments. I struggle to recall everything, especially when it comes to my family. Their faces appear blank, and the memories are scant. It's as if the very essence of what made me "me" has vanished, leaving behind only a few lingering personality traits. It's scary, but maybe it's just a side effect of the transmission. Regardless, it does have its silver lining, keeping me from dwelling too much on my past life and sinking into depression.

Oh and yes, speaking of depression…actually let's come back to that later.

Still, if there was something I wanted to complain about is that I hoped to reincarnate from when I was a baby, re living life once again, from the start. But now my body is that of a third year middle schooler, going into high school. Is summer vacation right now.

But that's not to bad either. As babies don't have the power or freedom to do much things.

Anyways, there is 2 things things that makes this life much more interesting. And making me hope that this is actually not a dream. First off, within my time here, I noticed my memory and brain power has improved, which makes my life easier, especially to learn all the nesscary knowledge for a student.

AND DO YOU KNOW- ahem! How big that is!? Especially for someone like me!? Who was used to being the dumb one, the one with a memory of a gold fish! The one that would have to re take tests to pass them!? And sometimes still not pass!? The one that had to cry tears of shame, after not knowing how to do his math homework, and having to ask AI's for the answers. AND so much more! So much suffering!!

But now!? HAHAHAHA I'm smart to!!! HAHAHAHAA…anyways

My body became stronger and healthier to.

With all these new talents, I didn't waste them and used them well since it would be stupid of him if he didn't use them.

Secondly, someone had a crush one him. Yes. You heard that right. For a boy that's a amazing feat.From his little memories, he could tell in his last life, he didn't have any relationships. So this was truly special!

And from his new memories, of this new life, he would tell, that this girl did carry feelings for him. Maybe the previous self, was dense and not able to notice, but he was. After all he as experienced reading/watching all sorts of fictions and animes, enough to notice such things fairly easily.

Maybe because the original Jin had a good face and body. He had hobbies of working out, so a good body? Yes check. A good face with the fusion of brown roots and the new nationality of Japanese? Check. Was he good academically? Check. All things that makes someone attractive was marked off.

Hmmm no wonder. The original Jin seems to have everything that the new Jin didn't have in his old life. The only thing they have in common is their personality. To bad the original Jin died..or else he would have a good life. Yes, the original Jin died, he killed himself. So no Jin 2.0 didn't just take over his body.

Alright, remember depression? Let's talk about it.

The original Jin was grappling with depression after his mother's recent passing during his first year of middle school. Compounding the loneliness, his father was frequently away on long business trips, leaving him to cope all alone. Instead of finding comfort in his father's presence, he could only express his grief through tears against his pillow.

The old Jin faced the daunting task of battling depression alone, even trying channeling his negative energy into activities like working out. It's even remarkable that he managed to engage in such pursuits despite his depression. Sadly, these efforts didn't yield the comfort or results he desperately sought.

Well at least now the new Jin won't feel guilty of taking over a living person, as if taking a life. But got to say, a pretty useless father. Oh and fortunately the new Jin isn't also being affected by the new memories and becoming depressed…

Back to the crush, this girl seems to like him as early as his first year of his middle school? Until all the way now… That's a long amount of time for someone to have a crush on for.. Well Jin 2.0's longest was 7 years. From elementary to end of middle school.

This girl seriously seems to like me huh? Even after everything changed – and yes, there was a significant transformation – the old Jin used to be a genuinely happy and outgoing person. He had a vibrant social life, lots of friends, and was overall an social butterfly. Now, here's where the new Jin feels a bit out of place because, in his previous life, he was an complete introvert. Moving on, after the unfortunate incident, the old Jin withdrew into himself, became introverted, and ended up feeling like an outcast, left without friends or any sense of belonging.

So to think that this girl still likes him, it suggests that her feelings are genuine, unlike fleeting crushes that often come and go in today's age.

'Don't worry my original self, I will live this life for you as well, to the fullest!'

Did many reincarnators say that? Yes.

At least now on one will suspect him, since he likes this introvert persona more, that's more like his old self.

Hmmmm what to do with this girl though. Should I make the first move?… wow to think that I even thought of that..seems like this new face and body is giving me confidence already… That's good..

I know how it feels to be ignored by your own crush. I don't want the same to happen to this girl.

Definitely not just looking for a girlfriend..

Let's seee. Her name is Shoko Nishimiya. Full Japanese. Seems very shy and sweet. Is the cute type, but is also very beautiful. Keeps to herself, has no friends. Very smart. And and…Deaf? The old Jin being the energetic person he used to be, actually befriended her.

And saved her from bullies to? Jin observes from his memories of her.

Danggg no wonder she liked my previous self. Bro saved her, was kind to her, when no one else was. I honestly feel bad for her. And when my pervi- ok! Enough of pervious self, old self! That's annoying, I'm Jin now!

But yea, when I got into depression, I cut my ties with her. Ughh.

Have to get to know her better..but how, especially considering now is the summer vacation..hmmmm. Think Jin, think Jin..Idea!

Note: Might seem similar to the first chapter of the fanfic, "My Stepsister in Kyoto". I got inspired, and motivated. I have some ideas to write about, now let's just hope I'm able to put it out of my mind into the world.

Wish me luck.

Words: 1490

Till next time!

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