31 The Junior Brother of the Ninth Summit Is Definitely Not Capable

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"Someone is coming to the Netherworld Cave?"

Jiang Lan was a little surprised when he heard the news from his master.

In the past forty years, no one had come to the Ninth Summit.

Much less to the Netherworld Cave.

For ordinary disciples, it was best not to approach the Netherworld Cave if their cultivation base was insufficient.

It was impossible for the disciples of the Ninth Summit not to approach.

That was why it was necessary.

Otherwise, why would the Ninth Summit not have any disciples?

In truth, even if the Ninth Summit had recruited disciples, they would not be able to stay for long.

"They're coming today. Looks like I need to send these people away before I can advance my Essence Soul."

Jiang Lan stood up and prepared to receive those people outside.

He was the only disciple of the Ninth Summit. If he did not go, then was he expecting his master to go instead?

It was obviously illogical.

Before leaving, Jiang Lan came to the spirit pet egg and watered it with some spirit liquid to ensure that it wasn't malnourished.


It's been almost forty years.

Ever since his master gave him this spirit pet when he had advanced to the Foundation Establishment on the surface, the egg had not changed.

There was no sign of its shell breaking.

Initially, Jiang Lan was more meticulous.

Later on, he began to treat it like a flower. When he was free, he would water it and change its soil.

It was not any ordinary soil, but some warm soil.

His master had brought it from somewhere else. He said that the temperature was very important when incubating spirit beasts.

As it turned out, there was no difference.

This spirit pet just wouldn't hatch.

Jiang Lan was already used to it not hatching. If it broke its shell one day, he might not be used to it.

However he had checked and determined that its life force did not weaken at all.

It could be a vegetative egg.

"As quiet as always."

Jiang Lan looked at the vegetative egg and shook his head.

Then, he turned around and walked out of the Netherworld Cave.

When he left, Jiang Lan realized that the sun had just risen.

There was still half a day before those people arrived.

However, he didn't mind. He went straight to the foot of the Ninth Summit and waited for those people to arrive.

In reality, he didn't know who had come.

In any case, his master had asked him to them up.

They should be disciples of another peak. If they weren't disciples, there was no need for him to come.

As for disciples, there was probably no one who could suppress him in terms of status.

After all, he was the eldest personal disciple of the Ninth Summit.

He would most likely inherit the Ninth Summit in the future.

Although it was a tough job, it sounded amazing.

It was still early when Jiang Lan arrived at the foot of the Ninth Summit.

He found a place to stand and watch the changes in the clouds.

He remembered that he had a spell related to clouds.

The deeper one's understanding of clouds, the greater the power.

It was a special spell technique known as the Rainbow Auspicious Clouds.

It was a divine power that added luck, but it was a spell technique.

It was not obtained by signing in, but from the records of the Ninth Summit.

It was said that it was very difficult to cultivate.

Expectedly, he had learned it.

Perhaps it was because of the Daoist Scripture.

However, because he did not know much about clouds, he did not put it to use.

Jiang Lan looked at the sky and the clouds, as if he was looking at the changes in the world.

Mysteriously, he felt like he was not looking at the clouds, but at the changes in the world.

At this moment, his spirit was blessed, and the clouds in the sky became rainbow-colored in his eyes.

It was as if the rainbow clouds would fall if he wanted to.

Three people came to the Ninth Summit.

Every single one of them were Golden Core disciples.

Two women and one man.

"There are no seniors accompanying us this time. I heard that there have always been seniors accompanying us in the past." The First Summit's disciple, Jing Ting, asked curiously.

"I heard that in the past, the Ninth Summit did not have any disciples. Now, the Ninth Summit has a disciple, and he's even the eldest personal disciple." Mu Xiu, a beautiful female disciple from the Second Summit, turned to look at the third person and said curiously,

"Junior Sister Longyu should know about this.

It seemed like the disciple of the Ninth Summit went to the Third Summit's mystic realm previously, during the time of the accident."

"There is a disciple." Ao Longyu nodded calmly as she walked to the side.

She was also slightly surprised that he could become a personal disciple of the Ninth Summit.

It was said that the Ninth Summit had never had a personal disciple.

No disciple could stay in the Ninth Summit for ten years.

Not even her.

Ten years was very short to them, but ten years in the Ninth Summit could destroy a person.

That was why it was indeed surprising that this junior brother could stay in the Ninth Summit for ten years.

This was also the reason why they did not need their seniors to accompany them, because they did not need the master from the Ninth Summit to welcome them.

"I heard that this junior brother has an impressive temperament. Back when he was taking the Dharma treasures, he shocked everyone with a single feat.

It was just that his talent was average.

However, after so many years, the Ninth Summit should have sufficient resources for him to advance to the Golden Core Realm, right?

"Even if he really isn't capable, he should have at least perfected the Foundation Establishment realm," Jing Ting said.

"The Ninth Summit isn't focused on cultivation, right?" Mu Xiu didn't ponder over this this topic and asked curiously,

"I remember that there is a spell that is close to a divine power in the Ninth Summit. It's called the Rainbow Auspicious Clouds.

If that junior brother can do it, can we ask him to perform it for us? "

"Rainbow Auspicious Clouds? A spell that brings good luck?" Jing Ting asked in disbelief.

"It's said that this spell requires an extremely high mental realm. Learning it is extremely difficult, let alone using it.

In the past, only some of the older generation of cultivators might know how to do it. For others, learning it would have the opposite effect.

That was why the cultivation technique remained in the Ninth Summit.

Currently, in the entire Kunlun Mountain, it seemed that only the Master of the Ninth Summit would know.

How old was the junior brother of the ninth summit?

He couldn't know how to, right?

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