541 The First Sage

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The gift of the Great Dao?

When he heard this, Jiang Lan naturally thought of the system's voice.

[Signed in successfully. Congratulations to the host for obtaining the gift of the Great Dao…]

Therefore, was the system essentially the sage opportunity condensed by a sage and the Heavenly Dao?

He had always received the gift of the Great Dao and had obtained many benefits. So it was because the system was manifested from the Heavenly Dao.

Knowing this, it was no wonder that the Deity Position could not restrict him. No wonder he could obtain the Deity Position so easily.

Imperial Lord Xi He had said that the Ba Country's actions, together with Kunlun's uniqueness, were still not enough for him to obtain the Deity Position so easily.

There should be other reasons.

So it was because he himself carried a sage opportunity that surpassed the Deity Position.


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