423 Unexpected Situation, First On Prodigy Ranking 2

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They all knew how powerful Yan Liang was.

Even super geniuses like Anastasya and Aimen, who had monarch genes, were completely suppressed. They had the power to rule.

He didn't expect Anastasya to say that.

Yan Liang is a monster who had his monarch-class genes engraved when he was a battle master. How can this human be compared to Yan Liang? "

"Your Highness, isn't this a little too exaggerated?"

Anastasia smiled but did not answer.

In the arena, Lu Yuan exhaled slightly and looked at the gradually disappearing Aimen in surprise.

Aimen was stronger than he had expected.

Han Sen's genes were all monarch class, and he had a few monarch-class Geno weapons. Even so, it had taken him quite a bit of effort to kill the man.

As one could imagine, as one of the top three geniuses on the Prodigy Ranking, Aimen was still very valuable. At the very least, he was an existence that had been engraved with monarch class genes.


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