395 The Reward of The Prodigy Ranking, Troubles of Being Famous 3

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Lu Yuan was a little scared by the two of them. 

"Why are you guys looking at me like that?"

Yang Ping said with a strange expression, 

"You don't know? The battle network has gone crazy! You're ranked 98th on The Prodigy Ranking. The entire Battle Network is talking about this."

Beside him, Mag also nodded. He sized Lu Yuan up.

"Ah Yuan, sometimes I'm really curious, are you even human? How can he be so strong?"

Lu Yuan was taken aback. He took out his phone, intending to check the battle Network.

As soon as he took out his phone, Lu Yuan's face was full of black lines.

His phone was exploding with calls from dozens of Li Qinghe and some of Lu Yuan's classmates such as Wang Xiangxiang. In addition to them, there were also a large number of unsaved unknown numbers calling.

Not only that, but he also had 99+ unread messages on his inbox.

Oh my God, he didn't look at his phone all night. Wasn't this too much?


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