259 Perfect White Jade Spirit Body, Request For Help

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After entering the Land of Origin, Lu Yuan cultivated diligently in the gravity room of the martial arts center.

On the 20th day, Lu Yuan once again absorbed about 150000 spiritual crystals of level four spiritual power. He spent a total of nearly 400000 level four spiritual crystals and finally tempered the White Jade Spirit Body to the perfection level.

After the White Jade Spirit Body gene was maxed out, the enhancement brought about by the transcendent gene was about double compared to the beginning. The effect of the White Jade Spirit Body combat technique was also more than double compared to when it had just evolved.

At this moment, Lu Yuan's strength was much stronger than before.

Lu Yuan felt that he could easily kill a perfected overlord without any mechanical load.

After that, Lu Yuan began to temper his second Nature's Touch combat skill.


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