2 Immature Youths’ Misguided Self-Confidence

Translator: Lordbluefire

Lu Yuan's heart pounded. This blue cube was simply too strong.

Limitless evolution!

As long as he had time, he could definitely grow to a stage that shocked and terrified everyone.

The strongest in humanity?

The strongest in the universe?

There was hope for everything!

However, what sort of thing was this cube exactly? Why would it appear during his awakening?

Just when Lu Yuan was pondering, his left wrist suddenly felt a slight piercing pain.

After that, he opened his eyes and discovered that the awakening crystal was currently emitting a white glow. Also, golden lines were moving around his left wrist, and they eventually formed the shape of a golden ring.

Gene battle tattoo.

This was the symbol of every awakener.

This was also the 'key' to entering the Land of Origins.

The manifestation of the gene battle tattoo also proved that Lu Yuan had successfully awakened as a gene fighter.

"Gene battle tattoo?! Lu Yuan, you've awakened!"

His teacher's shocked voice rang out.

The students below were also in an uproar, filled with shock.

"Lu Yuan actually awakened!"

"He is usually so quiet and reticent, to think that he could actually awaken?"

"Hmph…so what if he has awakened? Things are so dangerous for gene fighters, maybe some accidents might happen to him."

The gazes of the students looking at Lu Yuan were filled with envy and jealousy. Some girls even looked at Lu Yuan with a strange light in their eyes.

Honestly speaking, Lu Yuan was relatively handsome. It was just that his personality was more to the gloomy and anti-social side. Also, due to him experiencing the mutation incident, no one dared to get close to him.

But now that he had awakened, Lu Yuan's attractiveness immediately rose by a few levels, causing some young girls to feel their desires stirring.

As humanity's high-end combat force, gene fighters could be considered to have a very high status.

After hearing the discussions of the students below, he completely didn't take their words to heart.

In truth, not many people would really hope that you could lead a better life than them.

Anyway, Lu Yuan had long since passed the age of arguing. It was good as long as he could do his own things.

After Lu Yuan awakened, the originally strict face of the teacher finally revealed a smile.

He looked at Lu Yuan and gently spoke.

"Student Lu Yuan, congratulations. In the future, you will be a gene fighter. There are still two months more before the college entrance examinations, so work hard and do your best to enter gene fighter academies that rank near the top. This will be beneficial to your future…Oh right, you have just awakened. You can head to the Gene Fighter Association for registration. After you register yourself, you will be able to claim $5,000 every month as subsidies."

Upon hearing this, Lu Yuan was pleasantly surprised. 


Although he received the empire's child support, he only got $800 every month, and this was only sufficient for the most basic living expenses.

Naturally, his school fees and school-related sundries were free of charge.

In comparison, students that graduated from an ordinary university would earn around $3,000 per month.

But now, Lu Yuan could get $5,000 per month even without doing anything? He suddenly felt an illusion as though he had arrived at the peak of life.

After all, who wouldn't like free money?

However, Lu Yuan soon regained his senses.

He was someone destined to become the strongest man in the universe! How could he be satisfied by something so minor?

Unless they gave him $10,000 every month!

Lu Yuan nodded and smiled. "Understood. Many thanks for teacher's reminder."

Lu Yuan didn't feel surprised by the change in his teacher's attitude.

He heard that awakeners were counted as part of a teacher's KPI, and there would be a huge monetary reward for the teachers as well.

At this moment, the teacher glanced at the students below and smiled.

"Let us congratulate student Lu Yuan for awakening successfully."

Regardless of whether the students below were willing or not, all of them applauded alongside the teacher.

After that, the teacher smiled and nodded before looking at Lu Yuan.

"Alright, you can head down."

Under the gazes of everyone, Lu Yuan returned to his seat.

"The awakening ceremony will continue. Next, Wang Ming."

The ceremony continued but Lu Yuan paid no attention to that.

Right now, he was checking out the gene battle tattoo. He could sense that this gene battle tattoo seemed to be a type of switch.

Also, he could control the opening and closing of the switch via his will.

He had a hunch that after turning on the switch, he should be able to enter the legendary Land of Origins.

It was just that right now, Lu Yuan still didn't have much understanding of the Land of Origins. Before entering, he had to make the appropriate preparations.

As of now, there were two more months before he had to participate in the college entrance examinations.

The examination for gene fighters would surely be different compared to the normal one.

Compared to peers who awakened at 16 years old, he was already slower by two years. It wasn't going to be simple for him to catch up and get into a good school in just two months.

Fortunately, he had the cube that could limitlessly evolve genes. He felt that he still had hope.

Lu Yuan, who had experienced life in university in his previous life, naturally understood how important a good university was to one's life. It was a better platform that could allow your future path to be smoother.

No matter what, he had to do his utmost and try to enter the best gene fighter academy.

After he returned, he would first understand more information about the Land of Origins before working hard.

Anyway, the term 'evolution cube' was something coined by Lu Yuan.

He felt that it was very pleasant sounding to the ears and very fitting.

After Lu Yuan awakened, the remaining students were filled with more anticipation. Maybe, they also had a chance of awakening successfully?

However, the reality was cruel.

All the way until the last student had completed the ceremony, only Lu Yuan, among the 41 students in the class, had succeeded in awakening as a gene fighter.

After the awakening ceremony concluded, the teacher put the crystal ball away. Looking at the disappointed students, he spoke.

"Not being able to awaken is very normal. Since you cannot become a gene fighter, you should calm yourself down and study properly to enter a good university. This is your responsibility for your own future."

Lu Yuan didn't know if these students could understand the teacher's words. As for him, he had a sense of deja vu from his previous life before he had taken the college entrance examinations.

Sadly, the number of students in his previous life who understood these words was similarly not a lot. When they finally understood, things were already too late.

With regard to their futures, all immature boys would have a sense of misguided confidence. They would feel that they were the main characters of their time. As long as they entered society, they would definitely become a CEO and marry a fair-skinned, beautiful young miss from a rich family as they climbed to the peak of their lives.

However, in the end, the vast majority became salary workers.

That's right, Lu Yuan was one of these people.

For a time, Lu Yuan actually somewhat missed the previous him with a misguided sense of self-confidence.

Where exactly did the sense of misguided confidence come from back then?

It was different compared to the current him. He was much more realistic now.

(Mn, as expected of me!)

The teacher left after speaking, and only after that did the students in the class group together in small teams of twos and threes. Then they slammed their tables and grumbled.

"I actually didn't awaken! I thought that I would be able to awaken for sure this time around!"

"Ai...in the future, we can only study hard and be ordinary people."

"It seems like I can only return and inherit my family business. Luckily, my family owns a small company. At the very least, I don't have to worry about food and clothing."



When the various students were conversing, they would inadvertently cast glances over at Lu Yuan occasionally.

After all, he was the only one who had awakened in their class.

At this moment, a female student who was relatively pretty stood up and walked toward Lu Yuan's desk. After that, she smiled at him and spoke.

"Student Lu Yuan, I think our homes are quite close to each other. Do you want to go back together later?"

Lu Yuan glanced at her and shook his head before calmly replying, "Nope. I'm used to being alone."

The girl's smile stiffened. She then laughed dryly and nodded. "Oh."

After that, she turned around and departed.

The other girls who were brimming with desire also felt their desires being extinguished when they saw this. They had no choice but to discard their plans.

Lu Yuan also heaved a sigh of relief in his heart.

Although his personality was somewhat different from before, he wasn't that extremely anti-social.

However, he truly had nothing much to talk about to students who were destined not to walk with him in the future.

His original body had never conversed with any of them through the three years in high school. Hence, there was naturally no need to have any interactions right now.

The commotion Lu Yuan caused with his awakening faded away quickly.

Even though he was a gene fighter, he still had to attend culture classes. Gene fighters were not illiterate after all, and in addition, studying more in school could improve one's thought process and logical thinking ability.

During the afternoon after school ended, Lu Yuan left the school and decided to walk to the Gene Fighter Association.

Earlier, he had checked the map. The Gene Fighter Association was very far from the school, and he needed to walk over an hour before he could reach that place.

As to why he didn't want to take a car?

Other than being poor, what other reasons could there be?

Although Lu Yuan had seen the appearance of this city through the memories of this body, now that he walked on the streets and glanced at the surroundings, he still felt a sense of surrealism.

There were high-rise buildings all around. Neon lights were flashing and floating cars were traversing through the air. Moreover, there was a gigantic screen showing advertisements, and beautiful female celebrities could be seen dancing and singing as they smiled beautifully.

There were many people on the streets. Some even had mechanical limbs and Lu Yuan could see robots.

At this moment, Lu Yuan's heart was filled with shock. It was as though he had arrived in the future.

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