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In the current year, scientists in America succeeded to transfer the monster's genes into the normal body of humans. Just to stop the monsters from invading the world. "Mutant" was called to a normal person who decided to accept the monster's genes. Being a mutant will grant you an exceptional power that the ordinary human couldn't do. Riku Hirota, his the son of the wealthy businessman Akio Hirota. At the age of five, Riku was decided to become a mutant to take back his mother. In his awakening, something had happened that caused him to transmigrate to the other world. Where he could experience that he never experienced in his entire life. What will you do if you receive the monster's genes? And this gene could copy other genes? ****** Tags: Dungeon, Evolution, Sword and Magic, Monsters, Adventure, Action, Late romance, War, Another World. ****** The photo is not mine, I just found it on google.

Jigx · Fantasy
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176 Chs

First Step

Riku owed his rescue from the violent assault by the guards of the village to Arisu. His foremost challenge now lay in language, as he remained incapable of communicating with the inhabitants of this world.

"That's precisely the task I need you to perform, Elder Cynthia. Our ability to extract any information from him is hindered by his language barrier," Arisu continued in a grave tone. "I am aware of your capabilities; after all, you wouldn't claim the title of the village's finest wizard if you couldn't accomplish this, would you, Elder Cynthia?"

The old woman grinned, clothed in a resplendent dark violet robe. "Hahaha! Lady Arisu, you haven't changed a bit, and you certainly know how to convince me to accept your requests in the proper manner. However, since it's a minor task, I shall attend to it."

Arisu summoned Elder Cynthia to enact a spell aimed at rapidly teaching this man how to communicate using the common language.

"Outsider! Cease pretending to sleep; rise!" Elder Cynthia's voice addressed him in a hushed tone.

Riku could discern the elderly woman's words, yet he could not understand them, prompting him to huddle beneath the white blanket.

'Hmm... Indeed, he appears to lack the ability to communicate in the common language,' Elder Cynthia murmured to herself as she gently pulled the blanket away.

As the cover was removed, she was taken aback and her eyes widened in shock. Before her lay a man adorned with scars, skin burns, sword wounds, and grievous stab marks. Elder Cynthia's discerning gaze immediately identified that this man had been subjected to brutal violence at the hands of their guards.

"W-What has befallen him?" Elder Cynthia pivoted to face Arisu. "Why did you permit your guards to perpetrate such actions, Lady Arisu? This isn't mere human cruelty; it's outright malevolence."

"Elder Cynthia, please accept my deepest apologies; I only received the report today. They informed me that they subjected this man to torture over the course of the past six days," Arisu clarified, her tone one of genuine respect for the elderly woman.

"Your father must be informed of this atrocity so that he can determine the appropriate punishment for those guards responsible," Elder Cynthia declared before approaching the man.

"I will inform him promptly, Elder Cynthia."


"Step forward, young man; if you lack any malicious intentions towards our cherished village, then cooperate," Riku heard the smooth and soothing voice address him.

'What is this sensation?' He pondered as he observed Elder Cynthia, Arisu, and the distinguished guard. 'How is it that this elderly woman's mere presence can evoke such a comforting feeling?'

Elder Cynthia motioned for Riku to remain in his current position, indicating that she needed him to stay still while she prepared to cast the learning spell.

For the first time, someone seemed to comprehend his non-verbal communication, and Riku responded with a nod. "Thank goodness! Finally, there's someone who's willing to help me understand."

Elder Cynthia perceived that this man was in agreement with her, based on his actions. "Lady Arisu, while this spell won't provide him with full proficiency in the common language, it will allow us to engage in conversation."

"That's sufficient," Arisu replied with a nod. "Whether he comprehends and can speak a few words is enough for me."

There were a few moments of anticipation. Elder Cynthia raised her wooden staff, signaling the completion of her preparations.


As the old woman mumbled, Riku's thoughts drifted to the concept of "Enchanting." He had a faint memory of such magic from his experiences in XR Online. In the game, his character could create a magic circle by uttering an incantation, using it as both an energy reservoir and a source of magical protection.


'This isn't a traditional spell. It's more like transferring thoughts directly into his mind while teaching him the language,' Riku surmised, recalling his experiences in XR Online. Elder Cynthia's closed eyes and the unbroken thread of violet magic indicated her careful focus on the process.

Silence enveloped the room, with nobody daring to break the stillness, not even Arisu. She was well aware that interrupting Elder Cynthia's concentration could have dire consequences – her magical prowess might backlash and potentially impact her own mental state. Put simply, there was a significant risk that Elder Cynthia's memories could be erased or jumbled if her concentration was disturbed.


Ten minutes passed slowly, with both the old woman and the man maintaining their positions. The duration of the process appeared longer than Arisu had initially anticipated.

"I understand that the magical process requires time, Lady Arisu. Why don't we step outside and take in some fresh air?" murmured a man with brown hair, green eyes, and silver-plated armor accented with a crimson outline.

Arisu shook her head gently. "Now is not the right moment, Dary. If you feel the need for fresh air, you're free to go outside on your own."

"I-I can manage that, Lady Arisu. I was concerned about leaving this room unattended, unsure if this man might pose a threat to you while I was absent," Dary responded with a respectful bow of his head.

"That's precisely my point. What if we stepped outside and this man posed a threat to Elder Cynthia? How would you handle that situation, Dary?" Arisu inquired in a low voice, careful not to attract Elder Cynthia's attention.

"I apologize, Lady Arisu; I didn't consider that possibility."

Dary started to kneel down, attempting to sincerely express his apology for his thoughtless suggestion. However, Arisu stopped him. "Remain in your position; there's no need to kneel before me."


Another 30 minutes drifted by. Arisu observed Elder Cynthia drenched in sweat, realizing that she had not been truthful when she labeled the task as simple.


Huff... Huff... Huff...

Suddenly, Dary and Arisu heard the sound of a snapping thread. Simultaneously, they registered Elder Cynthia's labored breathing.

"Dary, assist Elder Cynthia."

Both of them moved closer, witnessing the old woman's evident exhaustion from casting the demanding spell.

"Hahaha! It's undeniable that I'm already a 92-year-old woman. In the past, I could transfer 50% of my thoughts, but now, I can only manage 9%," despite her heavy breaths, Cynthia managed a laugh.

"What do you mean by nine percent, Elder Cynthia? Are we still unable to communicate with him?" Arisu inquired, gently helping Elder Cynthia to sit down in a wooden chair.

"No, that's not the case. You can converse with him once he awakens. Moreover, I ensured that I transferred the common words used in our village," Cynthia explained.

A relieved sigh escaped Arisu's lips. "Elder Cynthia, I'm immensely grateful for your significant assistance." After offering a respectful bow, Arisu cast a glance at Riku. "Has he lost consciousness again?"

"I'm always willing to aid you, Lady Arisu," Cynthia replied, bowing her head in return. Addressing Arisu's second question, she continued, "No, the man hasn't lost consciousness. However, the thoughts I transferred need to be processed by his brain. Therefore, we mustn't force him awake, as it could harm his mental state."

Arisu grasped Cynthia's explanation with ease, but she observed that the elderly woman had yet to fully recover from the ordeal. "Dary, would you be so kind as to accompany Elder Cynthia on her journey home?"

"Frankly, I'm already feeling quite drowsy. Could you lend me a hand, handsome man?" Elder Cynthia's words were accompanied by the slow closing of her eyelids.

Dary readily agreed. "Of course. However, Lady Arisu, are you certain you wish to remain here alone?"

"Have no worries about me, Dary. This man is far from being at the warrior level. There's no conceivable way he could pose a threat to me," Arisu assured him.

"Yeah, you have a point, Lady Arisu." With that, they made their way out of the room. "I'll be back here shortly."

"Once again, Elder Cynthia, thank you. Please take care of yourself," Arisu expressed her gratitude.


Arisu patiently waited for another 10 minutes until the man slowly reopened his black crystal eyes.

[You've learned the common language. Progress 9%]

His XR Online-like gaming system materialized before him.

"Common language?"

Meanwhile, Arisu waited for him to regain his senses, prepared to ask him numerous questions.

"I'm still in this place," he muttered, his gaze sweeping around. He spotted the woman who was intently observing him, causing him to instinctively shift back a bit.

"Hey, Outsider, tell me, who are you?" Arisu queried in a firm tone.


Did I hear that correctly?

The woman was actually asking for my name?

Confusion swirled in Riku's mind as he comprehended that he was able to fully understand the words spoken by this woman. He glanced at the old man, recognizing that he was likely the catalyst for this newfound ability.

"Now that I know you can hear me, what's your name?"

Despite his struggle to regain his composure, Riku managed to do so. He acknowledged that this woman was the one who had rescued him from the clutches of the guards.

"I'm Riku Hirota. Thank you for saving my life," he expressed with a deep bow, his gratitude genuine.

Arisu's smile brightened; finally, this man was able to communicate with her. Simultaneously, she pondered his unique name.

"Riku Hirota, what an unusual name..." She contemplated that if he answered her upcoming question, she might gain insight into the origin of his name. "Tell me, are you a spy? And which country do you hail from?"

He narrowly lifted his head and said. "I'm not a spy, also, I came from Japan."