128 Xianwang and Yuerui in the dance floor

The Kongs will throw a party and Zhang Eliza will not come, can never happen.

She came in a black coloured vintage style gown. She adorned her hair with a black cocktail hat decorated with beads and net. The dark red lipstick on her lips and pale white skin is making her look like a sexy, seductive and mysterious serial killer came out of novel.

With the clanking sound in her heel she approached towards Xianwang and held his arms without his notice. She just came and held his arms just like that.

Xianwang looked at her with annoyance then at her arms holding his.

He didn't have to do anything. His deathly glare was enough to make Eliza retreat her hands.

"Brother Wang, you didn't call me after our families met that day?" Eliza asked with a little disappointment.


"Family meeting?"

"Are they dating?"

"Are they going to marry?"

The people around them started to whisper.


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