My gay husband is a pervert

Kong Xian Wang one of the most eligible bachelor in China. Not only young ladies are head over heels for him but also the married and older ones. His one glance can captivate one's soul. But....... There is a problem.... There are certain rumors floating about him.... what are the rumors??? He is not into the opposite gender. He is a GAY!!! "What? CEO Kong is a gay?" Mai Yue Rui couldn't believe it. "Then what is that what I saw?" "The way he looks at the opposite gender it's absolutely of a straight person." "Btw why I am thinking about that... He is the most annoying person to me. He irritates me so much." "Wait... Now where did this come from? A bouquet of rose from the CEO?" KXW:I am offering you the honor to marry me. MYR: Is this what you call proposing for marriage? KXW:Yeah MYR: I am sorry sir I won't marry you. KXW:What do you want? Money, home, makeover? I can give you anything MYR:If you knew who I am then you wouldn't have asked me that. KXW:What do you want? MYR: I want peace. Leave me alone. KXW:Not leaving. MYR: Even if you are the only person on Earth I won't marry you..... .......... MYR: Why are you here. I don't want you in my life. I don't want you to ruin my life again. Stay away from me..... ........... MYR:Mr. Kong Xian Wang I am willing to marry you. KXW:As you wish wifey. ********* Hope you will like the story ********* You can check out my other other: •Treacherous Serenade Of Love ********* Btw the cover is not owned by me... I just edited it... Discord: https://discord.gg/GtnhPWpaaZ

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Why are we here?

After they joined Kai the three of them left the shopping mall.

"Can't you tell me now, where are we going?" Yuerui asked desperately.

"No. Not now. You have to be patient." Su said while keeping the suspicion.

All Yuerui could do is pout all the way to their destination.


When they reached their designated place, Yuerui couldn't believe her eyes.

They were standing in front of the largest disco club in the city.

'The thing I always run from is alcohol. And you two fellow, brought me closer to this thing!' Yuerui thought.

"Why are we here? Didn't I say to treat you with BBQ? Then why are we here?" Yuerui asked.

"Don't worry about the money, little cat. We won't make you bankrupt." Kai joked.

"It's not about the money. It's just that I can't stand alcohol." Yuerui said.

"Then how did you manage to take it earlier in your welcome party?" Su asked.

She didn't know that Yuerui actually threw all the drinks in her bag.

"Back then... Yeah back then I didn't have any choice. But now I have, right?" Yuerui replied immediately.

"No you don't have a choice today either." Saying this both the duo held Yuerui's two hands and dragged her inside the disco.

This disco was the largest disco in the city. So it was filled with people and so with the smell of alcohol, which was making Yuerui irritated.

"I couldn't fight with you guys earlier. But you can't stop me from doing this." Saying this Yuerui pulled out her red colored scarf and wrapped it around her nose and mouth. The color of the scarf went well with her dress. Along with the scarf she was looking like a mysterious girl.

"Okay. We'll let you do it." Kai sighed.

After entering the disco they went towards a small round table and took their seats. They ordered their drinks and later they were gossiping about various random things.

Yuerui wanted to order a soft drink but her friends didn't let her. Being defeated by her friends she ordered for a cocktail and she had to drink all of it.

The music was really loud there and people were dancing like crazy in the dance floor. After a while Su and Kai couldn't stop themselves from the rhythm of the music that was inviting them to the dance floor. They left Yuerui in the table and went to the dance floor since Yuerui didn't wanted to join .

Yuerui was having a little headache from the loud music. She was holding her head in one hand while resting that hand on the table.

Whenever Su and Kai used to wave at her she would make a happy face in front of them but the moment they looked around the annoying expression would return on her face.

She was looking around the disco room to see it's decorations in order to divert her mind from the annoyance. But after a while her phone started to vibrate and a certain persons name popped up on the screen.