11 Wasn't I cool?

After Yue rui and Zongguan left the office Xian wang suddenly started to laugh,"HEHEHEHE"

Si ying was surprised."Why are you laughing?"

"It was really fun. Hey hey hey did you hear the dialogue I gave?

'If you think it's your brain then it's in your dream.' Wasn't that cool?"Xian wang was excited.


Si ying was out of words.

"Dude you scared the hell out of that girl and you are having fun. You shameless guy."Si ying scolded.

"It was her fault to come late by the way. And hey who are you saying shameless? Did you forget I am your boss?" Xian showed his power.

"Boss? My ass. If I wasn't your secretary all this time then this time you would be having your 100th or 1000th secretary." Ying is not scared of Xian at all.

"That is why I hired you buddy." Xian said.

"By the way my friend, I am very curious why did you call her? You haven't called any female employee on your own before. You always tell me or the ward boy to collect files from female employees. So don't make lame excuses. Tell me the truth." Said Si ying with his eyes shining like stars.

"It's not what you are thinking. Mr.Lin is one of my trustworthy employees. He has never recommended anyone before. It was his first time doing that. So I also wanted to see what kind of person that girl is." Xian replied.

"O… really"Ying was still not satisfied.

"You don't believe me?" Xian wang gave him a deathly glare.

"I believe you….I believe you." Si ying cannot help but surrender.

Actually Zongguan has seen Yue rui before in her university. A business conference was held in that university and Yue rui gave a magnificent presentation which amazed Zongguan. When Zongguan saw her resume he immediately recognized her and called her for interview. Though Mai yue rui didn't know about this but that presentation of hers actually helped her to get this job.

"So…what do you think of that girl?" Ying asked again.

"We'll have to wait till tomorrow for that." Xian replied.

"O… so this was not your arrogance but her test?"

"Now you understood me my friend. I am disappointed. Nobody understands me. Sob sob sob…" said Xian making a pitiful face.

"Don't you dare make this face Xian wang. It's very disgusting." Si ying warned him.

"But this is the charm that girls like don't they?" said Xian wang. He winked at Si ying.

"Huh…says the guy who has zero experience in dating. Tell me my friend how do you manage to be a pervert despite of not being in a relationship. Oh I forget the perverts are actually the single ones." Si ying nonstop blabbered without noticing the change in expression in Xian's face.

"Looks like someone doesn't want salary this month. I wonder how he is gonna pay his home loans." Xian wang said in a cold voice.

Black lines drew in Si ying's head.

"Look how handsome my friend is. No wonder all those girls drool over you. You are totally worth is. Xian wang is so kind as well. This is one your character that I admire. You are my bestest best friend." Ying started to butter Xian.

"Go on. It's so nice to hear someone praising me." said xian wang.


While these two friends were having a jolly time, on the other side of the world cold breezes were flowing through Yue rui's head.

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