My gay husband is a pervert

Kong Xian Wang one of the most eligible bachelor in China. Not only young ladies are head over heels for him but also the married and older ones. His one glance can captivate one's soul. But....... There is a problem.... There are certain rumors floating about him.... what are the rumors??? He is not into the opposite gender. He is a GAY!!! "What? CEO Kong is a gay?" Mai Yue Rui couldn't believe it. "Then what is that what I saw?" "The way he looks at the opposite gender it's absolutely of a straight person." "Btw why I am thinking about that... He is the most annoying person to me. He irritates me so much." "Wait... Now where did this come from? A bouquet of rose from the CEO?" KXW:I am offering you the honor to marry me. MYR: Is this what you call proposing for marriage? KXW:Yeah MYR: I am sorry sir I won't marry you. KXW:What do you want? Money, home, makeover? I can give you anything MYR:If you knew who I am then you wouldn't have asked me that. KXW:What do you want? MYR: I want peace. Leave me alone. KXW:Not leaving. MYR: Even if you are the only person on Earth I won't marry you..... .......... MYR: Why are you here. I don't want you in my life. I don't want you to ruin my life again. Stay away from me..... ........... MYR:Mr. Kong Xian Wang I am willing to marry you. KXW:As you wish wifey. ********* Hope you will like the story ********* You can check out my other other: •Treacherous Serenade Of Love ********* Btw the cover is not owned by me... I just edited it... Discord: https://discord.gg/GtnhPWpaaZ

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Princess in floral armor

Today, after the drama in the office Xianwang was really in a good mood. He was missing this type of entertainment in his life. Today he enjoyed it to its fullest.

After the drama he had a meeting with some foreign clients. After an hour of meeting he bid them goodbye. But he was not in the mood to go home this early. So he decided to enjoy all by himself today.

He went to he and his friends regular place. They even had a room set only for themselves. No one is allowed to book that room. Today he decided to change his regular room and choose another. But he didn't knew that this small change can put him in such a situation.

He ordered his regular drink. After having a couple of sips, he already felt dizzy. Xianwang is not bad at drinking. So only two sips can't make him drunk. Hence he immediately knew there's something wrong. He immediately left that room and went towards his usual room.

He has a key for the room, after entering, he picked up his phone to call his friend. But the drink was really doing it's work. So he mistakenly called Yuerui instead of Si ying.

After the call, he dozed off on the ground for a minute, but he pulled himself together and went to the washroom. He splashed water on his eyes several times but it didn't help really well. He wobbled towards the sofa and rested for a while.

After some minutes he heard a cracking sound in the door.


At first, he thought it was his friend. But when the door opened Xianwang saw a lady in a golden high heel entering the room. She was wearing a floral dress in the most modest attire. Even in the drunk state, he admired her beauty. But the problem is, the girl didn't have a face. It was hidden behind that damn scarf and glasses.

"Who are you? What do you want? I... I didn't call for you. Go away... Shoo... !" Xianwang said in his drunk state.

'Oh boy! He is drunk.' initially when Yuerui saw him she really got relieved that he is okay. But after hearing him she knew that she had to take care of this problem now.

"I am here to take you with me." She whispered.

"What! Why would I go with you? I... I called for Si ying. Not you!" He yelled.

"Yeah you clearly remember that part." Yuerui murmured.

"What did you say?" Xianwang asked.

"Nothing. You just come with me." Yuerui tried to make him stand so that she can support him to walk.

But Xianwang wasn't ready to go with her..

"No. I won't go with you. I want Si ying." He was adamant on not to go.

Xianwang tried to resist her and tried to defend himself. So he used his hands to attack Yuerui. But accidentally his hands went on her glasses and her glasses fell from her eyes.

Now Yuerui's pretty blue eyes were visible to Xianwang.

"You..." Xianwang came closer to yuerui to see her eyes clearly.

"Me what?" Yuerui replied. She felt awkward.

"You are here! Where were you?" After recognizing his pretty blue eyed lady Xianwang's joys knew no bounds. He held both Yuerui's hands.

"Huh! I .... I was here." Yuerui replied in confusion still didn't know about the situation.

"Pretty blue eyed girl, do yo u know I have been searching for you for sooooooo long." Xianwang said in his a sleepy sleepy state.


'Oh crap!!!!!!!!! My glasses... Where are they!' Yuerui finally understood that the jerk had finally caught the blue eyed lady. But she also understood that he is still oblivious of the fact that she is Yuerui.

'Okay. I think I should just leave. He is fine after all.'

"You aren't talking to me again! Are you mad at me, my lady?" Xianwang said while making a baby face.

'Hey what the hell are you doing' Yuerui got a little awkward. She tried to leave him but Xianwang held her very tightly on her wrist and made her sit beside him and continued his blabbering.

He doesn't wanna let her go this time.

"No, you are not upset, right? If you were upset then wouldn't have come to save me, right? Right?" He said.

In reply, all Yuerui could do is look elsewhere and try to lose her hands.

"I know... I know.... You you are my princess in..." Xianwang looked at her dress then continued,

"My princess in floral armor.... "

Sorry I didn't upset yesterday. I was really tired that didn't even realize when I fall asleep. But don't worry. this author is gonna compensate for yesterday. compensation for yesterday is coming in while.

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