184 Minmin and Kingkong

"Now that you know that it's me, why not you give me a hug?" He said with his charming and heart warming smile...

Yuerui looked at him in disbelief...

"What makes you think that I am gonna hug you?" Yuerui said. She was actually surprised to see how daring he was to tell her to hug him.

"Look, my hands are still hurting. So you have to give me a hug as a compensation." Xianwang demanded as he raised his hands to make Yuerui see how they are hurting.

"I have already told you not to do anything like this without asking me first. So now that you are hurting, it's all on you. Don't blame me."

But Xianwang still approached her with his hands wide open and said, "Please Minmin..."

Yuerui didn't know what to do. Why was he acting like this?

"Look, if you are still angry of the fact that I didn't tell you that I don't need glasses then I am sorry again. But please don't do stuff like this." Yuerui tried to walk backwards.


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