220 Let's be childish today

Kong Xianwang and Mai Yuerui already discussed it that when they will reach the park, they will get separated and enjoy on their own.

As per their plan, when they reached the park Mai Yuerui took out the tickets and handed Xianwang one of them.

"Here's your ticket, Mr. Kong. Now you go your way, and I will go my way."

Saying so, Mai Yuerui started to walk, but suddenly Kong Xianwang followed her and held her by her waist.

Mai Yuerui glared at him and threatened, "Your behavior today is very rude, Mr. Kong. Just because I didn't say anything earlier, doesn't mean that I will further tolerate your rudeness. Release me before I twist your your arm."

But Kong Xianwang didn't budge at all. Instead he came close to her ears and whispered, "Our mothers are following us."

"What!" Mai Yuerui became excited.

She was about to look for them but Kong Xianwang stopped her.

"Don't move. You will make them aware that we know about them."


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