227 Another side of Sophie

While Mai Yuerui was away, Su and Kai were waiting for her outside the theatre.

It was already time for the movie.

"What is taking her so long?" Su was worried.

"I know right. She is taking more time that a regular person need." Kai said.

"Stop it, Kai. You and your nonsense jokes." Saying so Su hit Kai.

While was laughing suddenly Kai's eyes fell on a girl he thought he knew at a shop.

"You wait here for us. I will go look for her." Saying so Kai left her alone.


"Yes, I was right it's indeed her." Kai said to himself as he saw Sophie shopping in the mall.

She was wearing her regular uniform. But she didn't have her all time pokar face expression.

In fact she looked happy and surprisingly a little bit shy.

"I never imagined that this fighter girl can smile too." Kai said to himself.

He leaned on a pillar next to him and observed what she was doing with enthusiasm.


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