203 A playful act...

After playing the video Mai Yuerui gestured Kong Xianwang to watch it and say his dialogue.

In the scene, at first it was scene the male lead was lying and the female lead's face was on top of his face. When the scene zoomed out it was seen the girl was actually doing a plank exercise.

"What are you doing? What are you doing? Oh! You wanna do some exercise? Huh!" Kong Xianwang seemed a little flurried at first then when he saw the girl doing plank he relaxed and said seductively.

After that the girl turned away from the male lead.

"Uh... Let's forget it. Let's do it later." Mai Yuerui replied as she seemed angry at her stupid husband.

When the girl turned away the guy came over her and kissed her 3 times.

So this time Xianwang said, "No, darling if you started something you have to finish it."

Then he kissed two times on the back of his palm but on the third time he mischievously stole a kiss on Mai Yuerui's cheek making her shocked.


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