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"You are a stupid CEO who doesn't even has a screen lock on his phone." Mai Yuerui said to kong Xianwang.

"Screen lock? Oh yes, I don't like screen lock. I just prefer it this way." Kong Xianwang was confused at first then he explained.

"You just prefer it like this? What if people steals information from your phone?"Mai Yuerui was surprised. It was not the first time that happened with Kong Xianwang. In fact, Mai Yuerui herself had used his phone before.

"Who would dare to steal information from my phone?" Kong Xianwang said with attitude.

'Han Yefang!' Mai Yuerui thought in her mind.

She knew that she can't beat his narcissistic attitude. So she decided to stay quiet.

When Kong Xianwang didn't get any reply from her, he silently ate his meal.


After their meal both Kong Xianwang and Mai Yuerui were washing the dishes together in the kitchen. Mai Yuerui was washing them and Kong Xianwang was wiping them with a napkin.


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