My Friend System: Friend For Hire Book

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My Friend System: Friend For Hire


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Do you need a friend? Look no further! As long as you truly needed a friend, you can hire a friend you want and need without any payment! The Friend System will cover all the costs for the friend that you have hired! *** Keith Mcdowell, a second-generation rich young master, and an otaku died at the age of 18 after a truck driver performed a hit and run. Waking up in alternate earth in his parallel self’s body, Keith received a golden finger like any other transmigrator! [Friend System has been bounded with Keith’s soul. Call me Alicia!] Having a cute girl’s voice as his system AI unlike the cold robotic AI voice, Keith received a generous starter package afterward! Befriending the school belle, rich young lady, princess of a fantasy kingdom, dragon lolita, vampire progenitor, and yandere goddess, Keith wondered what unique identity his friend would have next! Not only girls, but he also befriends boys who become his sworn brothers! “Are you sure you want to offend me? My sworn brothers are the crown prince of Elvita Kingdom, Elf Sage, The World’s Finest Assassin, Dragon King, Hero from Another World, and the heir of a fallen god!”


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