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Lisa's POV

"Mr. and Mrs. Hernandez, congratulations, all the test results were good except with one thing." The doctor said, and I was holding my breath, and I couldn't stop myself from feeling so worried about what could be wrong, and I felt Ben squeeze my palm, and I know it was his way of telling me there is nothing to be worried about because he will always be there for me.

It has been more than a year after my last general check-up, and we are now at the doctor's clinic listening to the doctor as he read the test results and lab tests since my family and Ben's family wanted to make sure I am okay. They want to make sure I am healthy.

"What do you mean by that, Doc?" I asked, looking calm since I felt afraid of what she said.

"Don't worry, Lisa, it is a good thing, congratulations! You are pregnant!" The doctor said, and I could feel my tears fall on my cheeks right away.


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