1 Gazelle × Kaneki Ken(Tokyo Ghoul): KanEDGY

RING! The door opened to people working on their laptops and chatting.

Just the day before, Gazelle had received a text from her close friend, Touka. She asked Gazelle to meet up for the upcoming competition. And she might have invited--

"Yo! Gazelle!"

'Oh no', Gazelle thought, 'Godammit it's Hide!'

Gazelle had always sort of hated Hide, that annoying weirdass, crackhead, whatever. You get it already. But besides him, she saw another person.

There was a white-haired boy with his left eye seemingly patched up. He was reading a book that Gazelle used to have when she was little, but never got to read it, thus you gave it away to your neighbor. But, that boy… He seemed oddly seemed familiar to her.

"Gazelle. We've been waiting for you."

"Touka! I'm sooooo sorry I'm late, I'm so sorry, I'm so sorry-"

"It's fine. Take a seat."

Just as Gazelle took her seat, the mysterious boy looked up from what he was reading. His gaze met with hers for a second. He had grey eyes with the most beautiful glimmer.

Then the memories came flooding back.

"Kaneki?! Kaneki Ken?! Is that you?!"

"Ah! Gazelle!!! Long time no see!"

He gave her a warm, friendly smile. She felt heat warm her cheeks for a second there. But the next second, she seemed worried and shocked.

"Kaneki?! You came back!!!"

"Yes… Yes, I did."

When Gazelle and Kaneki were little, they lived close to each other. They would always play together everyday at the playground. But what Gazelle didn't know was that Kaneki was bullied. Badly. So he transferred to another school outside of town… Which meant he had to move away.

Gazelle smiled with tears in her eyes.

"Kaneki, I legit missed you so much!"

"Me too… it's been 7 years, right?"

Gazelle just nodded in response, unable to count the proper time when they've been apart.

Hide looked utterly confused.

"Wait, wait, wait, wait… So you're saying you haven't noticed Kaneki since last year?"

"Huh? Whaddya mean, Annoying Orange?"

Hide just transferred to Gazelle's school last year. He was Kaneki's closest friend since he moved. Gazelle seriously didn't know that they transferred together last year, since she hasn't been in the same class with Kaneki since like, Preschool.

"Didn't you know? He transferred back with me last year!"


?! And I didn't know?!"

"Apparently, you don't"

Touka glanced at Gazelle while furiously working on her MacBook. Wow, she's rich.

"By the way, why didn't we just go to Anteiku?"

"'Cuz Starbucks is A-W-E-S-O-M-E!!! Plus, Anteiku's literally where you live."

"True, but still"

"You're just bringing that up 'cuz Kaneki likes that place, are you?"


"Nawwwww! Kaneki! Your girlfriend is so thoughtful of you!"


"SHUT UP!!!!!!!"

Touka kicked Hide's shin. Harshly. Ouch… that must've hurt…


Gazelle laughed. But… she felt kind of jealous of Touka when Hide said the word 'girlfriend'. Are they dating?

"Oh hey! I'm done with my coffee! Time to order another one! Yo, Waiter dud--"


Then, Hide muttered something inaudible, probably something like, 'Jesus Christ Touka'. Gazelle barely heard it. But she knew it was something bad based on the next outcome. Touka slapped him right across the face. Well done, Edgelord.

But, to her surprise, the previous event didn't faze Kaneki at all. He was wayyyy too busy reading his book. Gazelle continued to stare in his smoke-colored eyes. Soon enough, Gazelle snapped out of her daze, quick enough before the boy could notice.

"Kaneki, is that the book I gave you 7 years ago...?"

"Yes. It is quite fascinating, you know?"

"Really? What's it about?"

But before Kaneki could answer, Touka and Hide seemed to have gotten into a 'little' fight. If only Touka wasn't so tsundere and Hide wasn't a such a weirdass…



"NO. I. DON'T!!!!"


"I DON'T!"


Gazelle could feel the eyes of all the other customers land on her group. That was embarrassing to say the least…



After a while, she decided she'd had enough and proceeded to run outside to the balcony, subconsciously grabbing Kaneki's hand along with her, which resulted in him getting dragged along the concrete floor all the way to the balcony's door, and him dropping his book.

"Ouch! Gazelle, why did you--"

"I'm sorry! I'm really, really sorry!"

The two students stood facing each other on the wooden porch, the sky painted red, orange and yellow with sunset. And…. Holding hands?!

It was perfect for on one of those cliché confession scenes in romance movies.

So Gazelle decided she would make it even more cliché.

"Umm… Kaneki… I'm sorry…"

"Sorry for what?"

The boy's silver eyes shifted directly to Gazelle's.

"Actually, now that you mention it, I don't really know. Oh, well, except for the fact that I literally dragged you out here and--"

"It's fine."

Oh well! There goes The_Typing_Kid's resolution to make stories NOT cliché! (Hehe… Fourth wall break there?)

What followed was and awkward silence…

But then gazelle blurted out;

"K-kaneki… I have been meaning to tell you this since I was little…"


BLUSH. Blush. Blush. Blush. (Oh boy it's really cliché now!)

"You can tell me."



Kaneki's eyes widened in shock (Wow cliché). Gazelle ran away and instinctively hid behind a plant as quickly as possible.

"You know what, Gazelle?"

Gazelle didn't speak as if she was afraid…

"I've always wanted to tell you that too…"

"Kane-- Wait really?"


Gazelle and Kaneki stood facing each other, the sky now a beautiful navy blue, stars scattered all over.

"Oh and frick u I have white hair. And my nails are FABULOUUUUUUUS."


"Call me KanEDGY."