3 The Accident


"What's the use of my life anymore? I should just go and die." Zhang Yong exclaimed as he hugged his knees tighter.

When Soo mi came out of the room, her eyes fell on the figure sitting beside the door, hugging himself tightly.

"Oh! You are still sitting here?" Soo mi snickered.

"Why do you care?"

He had some unshed tears in his eyes. He tried his best to not let them roll down.

"Of course, I don't care, but if you are going to sit here and make the atmosphere gloomy, then I do care."

Zhang Yong gritted his teeth but didn't say anything although he had many things to say; He wanted to yell at her and make a scene, but he just didn't dare to open his mouth as he saw the boy standing beside her.

'Bish! I will rip off your mouth one day. I can't believe I fell in love with a girl like this.' He thought.

He didn't even realize until now that he had been glaring at her. Once she felt his glare, she let out a heartless laugh.

"Stop glaring at me like that. It won't affect me."

She retorted, "Now would you like to leave yourself, or do you want me to ask my man to throw you out?"

He didn't have much energy left in his legs, but as soon as he heard those words, he made an effort to get up from the floor.

"Why? You are too heartbroken now to even get up from the floor. Awww, my sweet baby! Don't worry; I will always remember a useless and cowardly person like you."

Breathless with anger, he stood up and walked out.

He could still hear some mocking laughter from behind. So he dismissed them and kept on walking till he was out of the room and building.

"Ahhhhhhhh! You useless piece of shet. One day you guys will be the one begging me."

Zhang Yong was walking on the road, but he was just forcing himself. He had nowhere to go now, his legs were weak, and his body felt numb. It was difficult for him to continue walking.

"Now, where can I even go?"

Up until now, Zhang Yong was living with his girlfriend, trying to find a job. He had tried his best but still was jobless. Finally, his girlfriend started to get tired of him, and one day when he came back, he saw his girlfriend enjoying herself with that boy.

He was just walking when he didn't even realize how goosebumps arose as there was darkness all around, and not a single person could be seen.

He started to move again when he was sure that no one was there who could help him. His steps were heavy as he tried his best not to fall down.

He continued walking until he reached a street where he saw dim lights. He thought that maybe he would find anyone there and ask for help. Without thinking about anything else, he went straight into the street, hoping to find shelter for tonight and not wanting to stay there any more minute.

Zhang Yong walked along the unpaved streets that caused his feet to ache. The houses, close together, cast scary shadows in the dim light.

The alleyway twisted and turned back on itself, first going to the right and then to the left. From where Zhang Yong stood, he could see nothing other than heaps of garbage and those dark houses. But his eyes were searching for something else. They were finding someone who could help him or give him shelter for the night.

Now he wanted to see people badly, to ask someone to help him, but no one was seen wherever he looked.

The cold breeze touched his body, and he started to shiver badly. He rubbed his palms, trying to warm them up a little bit. Tears began to fall out of his eyes as he thought about his life destroyed because of his girlfriend.

"Why did she do it? How can she be that cruel to me?"

a tear escaped his eyes,

"Where will I even go now. There is no one here."

Zhang Yong said to himself while looking up at the dark sky at which only some stars were visible, giving a little light to the land.

He kept on walking until he was out on the road again. He again sighed and said to himself, "Looks like I am back to where I started."

His eyelids were getting heavy. Still, he kept on walking, and now he didn't even realize that he was standing in the middle of the road.

His eyes only shot open when the light fell on his eyes. He rubbed his eyes to see where that light was coming from, but it was difficult for him to see anything because of the light intensity.

Zhang Yong narrowed his eyes to see where that light was coming from. But as soon as he realized what was happening, it was already too late. The truck hit him hard. He flew a little before he fell not far from the truck.


As soon as the driver realized that something hit his truck, he stopped the truck and immediately got out of it.

He looked at Zhang Yong, who was now lying on the road; he wasn't moving a bit, nor was he making any sound. The driver got worried and ran to him.

"Hey, man! Hey! Are you okay?"

Zhang Yong could hear his yelling, but he wasn't able to react to his words. Slowly he closed his eyes with the thought.

'Is this the end?....'

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