5 I will do it!

"And by the way, if you want to call me and need my help, you can close your eyes and call my name which is "Rosa" in your mind, and I will appear in front of you but please, please only call me when it's really urgent and when you really need my help. Okay?"

"Ah but but…."

"Stop with your buts now."

"How can I do this all alone?" Zhang Yong asked as he started to get worried about himself.

'I am so weak that I can't even protect myself properly. How can this thing expect me to go to different worlds? I think this thing has lost its mind."

Rosa flew here and there around him for some time, letting him think about the situation for some time before she finally decided to say something, "Well, you have to do this no matter what, or you can choose to be obliterated. "

Zhang Yong couldn't help but roll his eyes, listening to the same statement again and again.

"What did I even do to end up in such circumstances?"

"Hehe. That I don't know."

Rosa giggled before slapping her little furry palm over her forehead and letting a dramatic sigh out of her mouth.

"How can I forget this?"

Zhang Yong made a confused face and looked at her with curiosity while she, on the other hand, flew to the other side. He tried to move his face her way, but the pain made it difficult for him to do so.

"Will you just stop flying here and there? My neck will break any minute because of this."

Instead of apologizing, Rosa giggled and then said, "Let me tell you this; Even if you were to catch one or two of your souls but missed any one of them, then your body will be obliterated."

A big smile crept on Zhang Yong's face thinking that he might be able to get out of this situation early and he would be able to do it quickly.

"But… But….Don't get excited about this soon. Let me finish first."

The big smile that appeared on his face was still there when she said that, but he just tried to push his lips in a thin line which he wasn't able to.

"If you can't collect all of them, you will be transmigrated to your future self, and there you will live your life as the older version of yourself."

His eyes widened as soon as those words got registered in his mind.

'What the heck? Why does this feel so similar to my dream?'

Sweat started to form on his forehead. 'No! Never! I can't let something like this happen.' He growled in frustration and tried to move when again pain shot inside his body.

He obediently laid down on the bed again but tried to put his head up so that he could see Rose.

"What? Would I be old? But that means I simply won't be able to get what I always wanted. What will happen to my girlfriend? She would definitely not like an old man like me. How will I be able to get my revenge like this? I would seriously be useless then" This time, he asked Rosa those questions by raising his voice.

But no matter how much he raised his voice at her, she would just giggle and act like his yells didn't affect her.

Zhang Yong put his head down as he let those thoughts wander around his mind.

"What the heck are you saying? I won't let something like this happen. I just can't."

With those horrible thoughts running inside his mind, a tear slipped out of his eyes. He didn't even bother to wipe it off and just let it fall. As if his frustration would be lesser without that tear.

Rosa came near his face and said, "That's why I am telling you to stop behaving like a chicken. Get well soon and start your journey as soon as possible. The time you have is limited, so I suggest you do it as early as you can, and for that, you need to get up from this bed first."

Zhang Yong hated to admit that what Rosa was saying was actually true.

"I will…... I will..." He closed his eyes for some time like he was telling himself to do it as he had no other choice other than agreeing to that bunny, "I will... do it."

He wanted to cry at that time for feeling that weak, for not being able to do what he wanted.

"That's great then. I am happy that you were able to get to this situation early."

Zhang Yong looked at the side, "It's not like I have any other choice."

"Exactly! You don't have any choice, so just do what I am telling you to do."

He nodded, his head still looking on the other side.

"I will be leaving then."

He still didn't look at her.

"Hehehe. Miss me!"

"Don't forget to call me when you want my help but only when it's urgent; otherwise, use your system and don't disturb me. Hehehe. Bye-bye."

Rosa was vanishing little by little when she said that, and soon she was gone.

Zhang Yong looked here and there around the room now to check if she was still there or not.

"Finally, that bunny is gone."

He was finally able to breathe properly now.

He was just about to put his head back on the pillowcase and rest for a while when he felt the door of the room being shot open.

Some nurses and a doctor stepped in. They started to check on him, and then a nurse gave him an injection.

He started to feel a little dizzy after that injection, and soon darkness covered his eyes.

He fell into a deep sleep with the thought, 'I will just do it.'

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