2 Betrayal And Breakup

'Let's do it Zhang'

With little self cheer-up, he went inside the building with his head held high, reflecting his confidence.

"Umm you are?" A girl in her business attire asked Zhang Yong. He turned around so that his eyes came in contact with the girl.

"Ohh! I am here for an interview with this company."

"This way please."

The girl walked ahead and he followed her. While going with her, Zhang Yong didn't miss the chance to analyze his surroundings.

Soon they were inside a lift and Zhang Yong saw the girl pressing the button 5. He realized they were going for his interview now.

The door of the lift opened and Zhang Yong's eyes fell on all the ladies and some gents standing inside, all in professional attire. All had some kind of files in their hand like the kind he had in his hand.

"You can wait here along with the others. They will call you inside soon."

"Okay thank you so much."

The girl went away. But for a minute Zhang Yong couldn't help but think 'Why was she this polite with me? There are other people here too.'

Any how he went over and decided to sit on the last chair. Not all of the people were sitting there; some were pacing with nervousness while some of them were just chatting with each other and laughing.

He ignored all of them and looked down at his lap. The nervousness slowly built up inside him. He bit his lower lip and all he heard was the tik-toks of the clock.

People were being called inside and he knew soon he would be called inside too.

'Get yourself together man, what are you scared of, they are people too?'

One after another, people went in for an interview and now only two more guys were left. After them it was his turn.

Finally the last one went inside. Zhang Yong's palms were getting sweaty as he played with his fingers.

The same girl came out of the room and announced, "We are sorry for the wait but we have already hired. You guys can leave now."

Zhang Yong looked at the retreating figure of the girl with disbelief.

"What the heck?"

He pulled his hair in frustration, a thing which he always did whenever he felt frustrated.

"Why did they even call others when they were just going to hire some one like this."

He was angry, really angry but he knew he couldn't do any thing even if he was angry. Nevertheless, he got up from the chair and went out of the building.


As soon as he was out his stomach growled loudly. He squeezed it with his hand.

"I didn't even eat any thing because of this interview. Tsk."

Zhang Yong decided to go to the nearest shop and eat something. He knew he couldn't wait till he reached home.

He walked on the road and he found a noodle shop there and he happily went inside. The dishes were cheap and thus Zhang Yong ate there with relief.

He was again at the bus station. Soon the bus came and he boarded it.

'What will I tell Soo mi? Will she be disappointed if I tell her that I didn't get the job again?'

'Will she leave me?'

'No! I don't think she will leave. If she wanted she could have left me long ago. She loves me and I don't think she will break up our relationship over this.'

On his way back these thoughts haunted him but he was just trying to comfort himself with different words.

When he deboarded the bus, he didn't have much money left. But he still bought the pastry Soo mi liked and even got flowers for her.

With a big smile plastered on his face he went home, humming. Just as he was about to open the door, he heard some weird voices coming from within.

It felt like Soo mi was talking with someone and he heard another voice too. Ignoring that he let out the key and opened the door of the apartment. He was really looking forward to seeing Soo mi's reaction. Just the thought was making him happy.

"Babe! Look what I got for you."

Zhang Yong locked the door and went straight towards their room.

"Babe! See this."

As soon as he opened the door, his eyes went wide and he looked at the scene in front of him with disbelief.

"What the heck?"

Just his yelling was enough to gain their attention.

The pastry and flowers that were in his hands, had fallen on the ground. He trampled them under his feet as he stepped inside. He couldn't care less about it when his girlfriend was there, in front of him, cheating on him.

Even though he saw the scene with his eyes he still didn't want to believe that it was true.

"What the heck are you doing Soo mi? Who is this man?"

Soo mi rolled her eyes sarcastically, before yelling, "Get out! Get lost from here! Now!"

His eyes widened more.

"What the? Instead of explaining this to me you are telling me to get out of here? Impressive."

"Get out of here you useless shit. Or I will throw you out myself. This is My Apartment."

Zhang Yong again couldn't believe what he just heard. But he couldn't stand there and look at the shameless girl anymore.

His heart broke when he saw Soo mi cheat on him. Without wasting a minute, he went out of the apartment, but not before giving a last look to Soo mi. She rolled her eyes again and muttered,

"Like I care....."

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