My First Step Towards Power Began When I Married Vados

This is a translation I found on mtl, it was extremely awful so I decided to fix it up and add my own little snu snu chapters in there. Don’t expect much but I hope you enjoy :) … OG Title: I’m in the WesternCapital: Marry Vados at the start OG Author: Sbaer … In an alternate Dragon Ball universe, Kahn, a warrior from Planet Vegeta, becomes the elder brother of Kakarot. When the tyrant Frieza destroys their home planet, Kahn, along with Kakarot, is sent to Earth by their father, Bardock. Unlike his powerful brother, Kakarot, Kahn struggles with limited combat abilities due to his low-level warrior status. Years pass, and in Age 762, the long-awaited system Kahn has been anticipating finally activates. However, there’s a catch: the system requires him to marry a woman to unlock its full potential. With the help of a matchmaker, Kahn finds a bride who is renowned for her beauty and grace. As Kahn’s strength grows exponentially with each passing day, his wife proves to be the perfect partner—gentle, virtuous, and endlessly supportive. Together, they navigate the challenges of the Dragon Ball world, facing formidable foes and embarking on thrilling adventures, all while Kahn continues to develop his extraordinary powers. This unique tale of love, strength, and destiny explores the bonds of family and the pursuit of greatness, set against the backdrop of one of the most iconic universes in anime history.

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Whis Enters the Chat

"Speaking of which, I dreamt of that person again last night," Kahn muttered, rubbing his temples as he tried to recall the face from his dream. Despite his efforts, it remained elusive.

Lately, Kahn had been dreaming frequently of a woman. In these dreams, they were married and deeply in love, their life together idyllic. Yet, the woman's face was always blurred, her features indistinct. Kahn had never seen her before, making it impossible for his subconscious to recreate her accurately. He only knew she was beautiful, with a cool and elegant demeanor much like Vados. She even seemed to be about Vados' height.

"How could it be Vados?" Kahn shook his head, dismissing the notion. She has duties to take care of in the sixth universe and she's an angel. The idea that the woman in his dreams could be his real wife, Vados, was absurd. He had these dreams long before he met her. Such a coincidence was inconceivable.

"No, I can't dream of her anymore. It feels wrong, like I'm being unfaithful to my wife," Kahn resolved, determined to push the dream woman from his mind.

As he returned to reality, Kahn noticed Vados was no longer in the room. Just then, the door creaked open, and Vados entered, wearing a white T-shirt and shorts that accentuated her slender figure.

"Husband, you lazy pig. You're finally awake! Breakfast is ready. Come eat," Vados teased, her tone warm and familiar despite their brief three-day marriage.

Kahn forced a smile, "Okay."

After washing up, Kahn was stunned by the spread of food on the table. Noticing his surprise, Vados explained, "I saw you and your brother eating a lot yesterday, so I made a large breakfast. If it's too much, I'll prepare less tomorrow."

In reality, Vados knew from her precognitive dreams about Kahn's enormous appetite and crafted her explanation to avoid suspicion.

"It's not too much, thank you. " Kahn said smiling, touched by her thoughtfulness. Despite their short time together, Vados had already shown deep care and consideration.

After breakfast, Kahn said, "My wife, you've worked hard this morning. Rest for a while. I'll go to the woods to train and return soon."

Although he had activated the system, Kahn's routine was ingrained through twenty years of training and couldn't be easily changed.

Vados shook her head, "I'm not tired. I want to watch you train, if that's okay."

"Ah, this…," Kahn hesitated but then nodded, "Okay."

Behind their house was a small hill and forest where Kahn usually trained. His combat power had increased dramatically overnight, making his punches and kicks more powerful.

"Strange, my husband's physique improved so much overnight," Vados observed, attributing it to her Angelic influence. Despite her efforts to conceal her power during their intimate moments last night, Kahn's body had somehow benefited.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

With each of Kahn's strikes, the air seemed to explode, sending shockwaves that severed trees in their path.

"Husband, your current training method has limited effects. Why not try physical training?" Vados suggested, noting the inefficacy of his air-based practice.

"You know about training?" Kahn asked, surprised.

"I've read about it in books," Vados replied with a smile.

"I see," Kahn mused. "Okay, honey, you go back to the house. I'll go visit my brother and train with him for a little while."

Lacking the resources to build a gravity training room, Kahn decided that sparring with Son Goku was the best alternative.

While Kahn headed to Mount Paozu, Vados returned to the house but continued to monitor him through her Angel staff. She conjured a screen as she watched Kahn and Son Goku spar.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

As the battle ensued, a knock on the door interrupted Vados.

"Come in," she called out softly.

Entering was none other than Whis, the Angel of Universe Seven. "Sister Vados, I was surprised to hear you married a mortal."

"This Saiyan man named Khan, what is it that makes you so obsessed, Sister Vados?" Whis asked, puzzled as he observed Kahn in the light curtain.

He didn't understand. As an Angel like Vados, he only had his duty as an Angel in his heart, without any other distracting thoughts, let alone the love between mortal beings.

"Whis, you wouldn't understand," Vados replied tenderly, her gaze fixed on Kahn.

Seeing Vados' obsessed look, Whis shook his head helplessly and muttered to himself, "It's really hopeless."

He truly didn't understand. But looking at Vados's blissful appearance, she must be very satisfied with her current life.

"Why are you here?" Vados asked, her voice snapping Whis back to the present.

Whis smiled, "Since Lord Beerus is sleeping, I have some free time."

"I see." Vados said.

Immediately, Whis changed the subject, "Sister Vados, do you know the family background of your Saiyan husband?"

Vados shook her head, "I don't, why do you say that? Do you know his background?"

On the day of their blind date, Kahn had only told her that he had no father or mother, so Vados didn't delve into it.

Whis summoned his Angel Staff and tapped it lightly. He visite conjured a screen much like Vados that emerged from the crystal ball at the apex of the staff, revealing events that took place on Planet Vegeta in Age 737.

The universe emperor Frieza had turned the entire Planet Vegeta, along with many Saiyans, into cosmic dust with a single massive energy bomb that resembled the sun. Before Planet Vegeta exploded, a Saiyan warrior tried to stop Frieza. However, due to his weak strength, he failed to prevent the destruction of Planet Vegeta and the annihilation of the Saiyan race. This warrior was none other than Bardock, the father of Kahn and Goku.

Whis rewound the scene to moments before Planet Vegeta's explosion, pointing to Bardock, who was resisting fate with all his might. "After my investigation, this Saiyan named Bardock is the father of your husband Kahn," Whis explained. "In other words, Frieza killed Kahn's father and mother."

"On the eve of Planet Vegeta's destruction by Frieza, Bardock and his wife, Gine, sent their two young sons away from the planet. The older one was Kahn and the younger one was Kakarot."

"That's your current husband and brother-in-law."

After listening, Vados' beautiful eyes narrowed slightly, and a chilling murderous intent flashed past. The temperature in the entire living room dropped instantly!

Whis quickly said, "Sister Vados, we are Angels, and we cannot interfere with the developments of mortal beings throughout the universe. Besides, Kahn revenge for his parents death should be his to carry out."

Even though Whis said this, the killing intent in Vados' eyes didn't subside in the slightest. She said coldly, "His strength is not enough to defeat Frieza."

Vados was well aware of Kahn's strength; defeating Frieza was undoubtedly impossible for him at the moment.

"Indeed it isn't," Whis acknowledged. With Kahn's current power, defeating the universe emperor Frieza was as ridiculous as a God of Destruction wanting to overthrow Zeno.

"But," Whis continued, narrowing his eyes, "Sister Vados, have you forgotten that you are an Angel? It's not difficult for you to help Kahn raise his strength until it's enough to defeat Frieza."

"However," he added, "I think Kahn would prefer to avenge his parents death with his own hands."

Vados calmed down a little.

"Then let Frieza enjoy his remaining days," she said.