My first love was my enemy

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What is My first love was my enemy

Read ‘My first love was my enemy’ Online for Free, written by the author grow_and_glow, This book is a Teen Novel, covering GENIUS Fiction, BEAUTY Light Novel, KILLER Internet Novel, and the synopsis is: Lilly rivera, a challenging and a revenge-taking girl has an unbreakable relationship with her so called neighbor and cl...


Lilly rivera, a challenging and a revenge-taking girl has an unbreakable relationship with her so called neighbor and classmate, tom gilbert who happens to be her father's best friend's son. Though, they averse passing by eachother but their fate and their family are deeply intertwined. Will they really find in eachother the first love? will their enmity turn into an enraged fire of love?

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Avoid playing with beautiful hearts In a beautiful kashmir there lived a beautiful girl named siya.She is only 20 years old.Everyday she went to duty and came back home.She always sat at her cellphone and chatting with people.Her days went really boring.Her mom and papa also worked in government department.She was on only child at home because her other brother and sister remains outside from home for their education.So that no one had time for her.She watching TV and chatting with people.She felt really lonely.Her days went boring doing the same thing all the time. One evening I was astonished after getting messages from siya on my Facebook account she accepted my friend request and the message said,hi,I just love you so much after all those years I couldn’t tell u I don’t why I felt really happy.But I didn’t know why I thought to myself,is she just joking or what? and then I wrote a message back to her saying.Are you really saying this or you are just joking? please tell me the truth.The girl didn’t reply right back, because she was not online at that very time.But I waited and waited.Next day after my work I saw an unread message it was from siya .No why would I lie? Believe me I really do love you.And I want to marry with you,My face turned into red.Because I was really happy as something might change in my life after all I looked at siya’s picture and I was liked her not her beauty but her beautiful thoughts .In every time I was thinking about siya’s all the time siya was telling me I want to meet you after few days.But those days not come true.Behind it there was her fake promises and she use me for all this as her pretends.I thought I could see her in coming days.Eight years passed we couldn’t meet with each other.Im really falling in love with siya.And it seemed like siya is really in love with me also we were really sweet to each other.I stopped my study because siya took all my time and I was happy too. One day after I get back from higher secondary, because professionally I was working as contractual lecturer in chemistry.i saw some different activities of siya.Her phone number seen in waiting and she was not interested towards my messages.After the few days she sent me an inbox message,a message was “Forget me I could not Live with you,as I m in love with my Ex boyfriend”.I love him ,he is my life. I was really crazy I wrote to her .who that boy is but she didn’t reply suddenly,I feel disgusting.My eyes starts tears I couldn’t stop my tears,and I thought everything is over between siya and me. After few months I received a call it was siya . She said wow ! I was just joking, I have a boyfriend and his name is…..ilove him so much. I had a really great time laughing about how stupid you are. I felt angry and sad ,my eyes starts crying again.And it seemed I will sad for ever. I didn’t let anybody in my room.Because I was feeling lonely.All the time not for this siya doesn’t love me.But for her cheating with me, behind this the only reason was using me for achieving her exboy friend.Im too disappointing.I hated everybody and I was just lonely.she all doing this for the last eight years.In every time , when she communicates with me for one week,or few days, after that her words are forget about me,I’m sorry.behind it she calls me only for this her exboyfriend jealousy and he will come close to her.when they close to each other she said all these words,I’m sorry, forget about me,I feel guilty.She used me for her goal every time.But still i love her.I honoured her ,and i cant forget siya,in eight years my heart My email rajasaim475@gmail.com Phone number +923335514959

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Naseer khan returned to the palace with a wide smile to meet his lover Alice accompanied by his guard Jackson, but when he enters the palace he gets struck down by lightning... He sees more than 100 soldiers standing and his 3 friends Imran khan chained and caged, Rest two were standing proud ...... There was a mark inland showing the sign that someone had been buried there... Naseer asked 'What happened ? why is Imran chained and where is Alice? ... Mathew and John laughed and said in a proud voice' She is gone Naseer, she is gone right here( Pointing towards the ground where soil had been unearthed) she chooses u over us na, this is what she deserves...' Naseer was stunned he couldn't believe what he was listening to...His love, his life has gone???? He looked at an Old man ( Alfred) who was the godfather ( brought this quadrant all 4 together) standing far behind and he nodded without making eye contact... A single drop of tear escaped Naseer's eyes shocking All 4( Mathew, John, Alfred and Imran) as he never cried, even when he was about to die in many situations and he is crying now ... Mathew and John laughed after recovering from the shock but Alfred and Imran were Afraid of the storm that was brewing...... Naseer commanded 'JACKSON KILL EVERYONE, NO ONE IS ALLOWED TO GO OUT ALIVE'..... It's a story of a guy who used to live a normal life but everything changed when he went abroad for his further studies,Where he meets a girl and has a heart break .During this period he meets a stranger who later becomes his brother in arm.It's a story of how 2 friends conquer the world after facing so many hardships and on the way becoming cold hearted, ruthless bussiness man to a lovely husband's in the end.Join me in this intriguing journey..

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John Browning, a former underworld assassin, went to his friend Angele's wedding party but ended up meeting his former colleagues. Before he could think that the whole wedding ceremony was a setup to catch him, he felt dizzy all of a sudden! At that moment, he knew that his lifelong friend had already betrayed him and sold him out. John was humiliated in front of hundreds of people and was forced to kneel in front of Thomas, the underworld assassin organization leader. Within a few minutes, they beat him brutally, dragged him to some underground basement, and then locked him in a gloomy room. John felt bitter when thinking about his friend's betrayal. He laid on the cold floor for two days and died miserably. But his story didn't end there. … In a world filled with magic and mystic powers, John Browning woke up in an 18-year-old boy's body. Before he could open his eyes and see his current situation, he felt someone was dragging his body. 'How am I still alive?' He got puzzled inside. But after a few seconds, John learned from the young boy's remanent memories that he was transmigrated to a mystical fantasy game-like world filled with magic and mystic powers! [Author's Note: The Mc will take some time to walk on the path of a fire mage due to less information about the world. So, don't get mad at me guys. If you feel anything wrong with the story, feel free to give me a review or comment. I will try my best and correct it. Have a happy reading!] ... If someone wants to contact me, you can send a request to my Instagram account or just send a mail. Contact via: akauthor02@gmail.com Discord: https: https://discord.gg/mYwPPbs6 Instagram Id: https://www.instagram.com/akauthor02/?hl=en Cover Pic credit: RafaelMousob

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