My First Crush Happened To Be My Hubby! Book

novel - Contemporary Romance

My First Crush Happened To Be My Hubby!


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When I take a step to go out of the room, she started to remove her saree. Wow! She is my wife and its no wrong in seeing her. My heart and mind were fighting with each other and as I am not a very good boy, I wanted to see what is she hiding behind that saree! Yeah, you can call me pervert. But hey she is my wife and she is the most sexy girl I have ever noticed. Rishi, a billionaire who is ready to tie knots to the love of his life. He falls in love with his newly wed wife but fails to unveil it and to top it all, his lost love gets back to him. Danya, a regular girl next door of 21yrs came to the same wedding to see her to be groom. She is a very playful girl who has a secret crush on her now husband! It's a story of a girl who falls for a man whom she knew from far past. But the man never recognizes her. Even then he falls for her charms. Let's see if Danya's innocence and playfulness gets wiped out by Rishi's arrogance or her pure heart wins Rishi's stupidity. It's a happy story where Rishi and Danya find love after their wedding with some comedy, romance and a lil drama.