1 Rebirth as the Tiger Kinggolden

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The pure white snow covered almost everything among the endless mountains and forests.

Oink, oink~

Amid the peculiar cries, a family of five—two big and three small creatures—wandered around in the mountains.

Black hides and ferocious tusks were the exact characteristics of this wandering family of wild boars.

The first two big ones looked savage with mud armor, tusks, and the weight of hundreds of pounds; which gave off a rather unscrupulous and arrogant feeling.

All of a sudden—


It seemed as though a thunderbolt suddenly exploded and made the forest tremble. The five wild boars instantly became like frightened cats. Their fur stood on its ends, and they squealed around in panic. They fled hurriedly, the arrogance from before disappearing without a trace.

The biggest wild boar was the father. It made the fastest movement, turning around and fleeing almost immediately.

However, a gust of wind hit it before it could get far. A huge shadow threw it to the ground, its snow-white fangs pierced its throat, and its front paws pressed down on the struggling Daddy boar.

Its action was swift and merciless, without any pause, as if it had been rehearsed thousands of times. Daddy boar had no chance at all.

Aw! Aw!

The screams coming from it were pierced with great fear, and it tried its best to struggle… but nothing worked.

Mommy boar and the three baby boars were attracted by the screaming. They looked back, making the Mommy boar even more frightened and decisive in running away with the three baby boars.

The huge creature withdrew its cold gaze silently, ignoring the four wild boars that had fled, and focused on the one under it.

After a while, Daddy boar's cries became weaker and weaker, and its struggles became softer. It soon stopped moving and breathing.

The huge creature waited for a while, shook its head, and then slowly loosened its fangs.

Its blood-stained mouth was spitting breath out, which looked abnormally ferocious. It was even more domineering and incomparable with that huge body.

The length of its body was about 2.1 meters without taking its tail into account. It had a round and huge head, and the height of the shoulder was about 1.2 meters.

Its brown hair was printed with black stripes; its abdomen and inner limbs were white.

The black pattern formed an unusually conspicuous 'king' character on the forehead. Its eyes were observing all around it, with dominance leaking all over. It was the king of beasts, a tiger.

It swept the surroundings habitually. No death-seeking existence would want to disturb it while consuming its food.

The tiger lowered its head and began to eat without shifting from this place.

It bit the belly, letting the boar's internal organs flow out with blood, and ate the boar's heart and liver first before the other parts.

While eating, there was an incredible sense of human nature in that pair of eyes.

Other than the bones and the places that it did not eat, the boar was about 100 kilograms. It would be enough for the tiger to eat for ten days if the tiger consumed it slowly.

What a great decision of letting the boar go years before. It grew very fast.

Let the female wild boar and the three little boars go. The female wild boar would bring the little boars up, and the little boars would grow up to give birth to new boars. It was good sustainability.

The tiger stopped eating after devouring about twenty kilograms of meat. It grabbed the rest by the mouth and dragged the boar's carcass as it walked effortlessly in the mountains.

Half an hour later, it came to a rather secret cave. It put the boar's carcass outside the cave and buried it with snow. The tiger lightly jumped on a big rock and swept its eyes into the horizon afar.

The cold wind whistled from time to time, blowing on the fur of the tiger.

The tiger did not move at all, like a statue except for its eyes. The moods in its eyes were obvious. It was extremely lonely and hesitant.

After a long while, it sighed and jumped off the big rock. The loneliness remained, but the hesitation subsided.

After eating another ten kilograms of wild boar, the tiger was completely full, and it walked into the cave and lay down.

In the cave, the howling of the cold wind was weaker, and it was no longer so cold. However, the loneliness in the tiger's eyes became more intense.


Its eyes half-closed as it roared.

If someone could understand this roar, they would be shocked… because the roar was actually a sentence.

"When will I become prominent?"

Wang Hu never thought that, after struggling for thirty years as an orphan, he would die unexpectedly when he finally made some achievements and was about to consider starting a family.

What was even more unexpected was that he became a tiger after he died.

If he did not remember wrongly, roughly ten years had passed since he was born!

He spent nearly ten years in a trance from the birth as a cub to the tiger king he was now, invincible in the mountains and forests. He did not know how he had arrived at this stage.

Of course, he was happy to be reborn. However, he was definitely not happy to become a tiger even though he was—according to his guesses—an invincible Siberian tiger growing up in the mountains and forests.

In the past ten years, he had worked hard to dominate the mountains and forests, but that made him—a sentient being with intellect—feel even lonelier and more bored.

There was no cell phone or anyone to talk to… only surviving, eating, and sleeping all day long.

Looking back in a blink of an eye, he didn't know how he got through it.

Think about it… sometimes, he really admired himself.

In the past ten years, how many times did he want to die? However, he never carried it out in the end.

He didn't know how many times he wanted to go to the human world. Even if he was to be locked up in a zoo, at least he could see and hear people talking.

However, he did not make up his mind in the end.

Freedom from the crime he did not commit, not wanting to die, the last glimmer of hope in his heart, and other various reasons made him unable to make up his mind and delay it until now.

However, he felt that he could not hold on anymore.

Loneliness and boredom were simply the cruelest torture, making his life worse than death.

The first two years of the ten years were okay. Living with Mommy Tiger and two younger brothers was not too boring.

Later, in the first four years of leaving Mommy Tiger, he went to visit her from time to time and gave her some food.

There was nothing much he could do after Mommy Tiger died naturally three years ago.

The time he spent staying asleep became longer and longer with his growing boredom.

He even stopped the exercise he persisted with.

Moreover, according to the little knowledge he had, a tiger would begin to gradually enter a period of decline after it hit ten years old.

He didn't feel anything right now. His body was still tyrannical, weighing at least 350 kilograms, honed to the ultimate in fighting and hunting skills, and he was still invincible against all the animals he met.

His kind that he had seen over the years, and even bears, were definitely not his worthy opponents.

As a tiger, he definitely reached a level that most tigers could not.

However, he had to think more.

He was just a tiger. He would grow old, and his strength would slowly decline. In the end, would he become food for other animals?

He didn't want to end up like that. Coupled with loneliness and boredom, the idea of going to the human world and entering the zoo had become more and more intense in the past two months.

He felt his persistence became a little weaker with every passing day.

Until when could he resist it?

He had no idea.


Unable to fight the irritation, Wang Hu roared and completely closed his eyes.


There was everything in his dreams.

Cheat abilites, cultivation, transformation into human form… prosperity and wealth…


Heavy but consistent breathing sounded after a while.

Time passed very quickly when he was sleeping, and it was already dark when he opened his eyes again.

Tigers were usually nocturnal, and Wang Hu was the same. Nighttime was a good time to hunt after all.

However, there was no shortage of food now, and he had no interest in hunting. He ate another ten kilograms of wild boar meat when he got out of the cave and then went back to sleep in the cave.

If he couldn't sleep, he would carefully recall the past, imagine the expectations in his heart, and slowly fall asleep.

That was all the experience.

In a blink of an eye, seven days had passed. The wild boar that he saved was gone.

After eating and drinking and with no signs of sleepiness, he sighed again.

He suppressed that idea and looked in another direction.

It's been a long time since he saw Second Brother, Er Hu, and Third Brother, San Hu. How about visiting them?

He decided on it immediately.

It was really boring, and it was alright to visit.

He left, his huge body unusually light. Even the deep snow couldn't have much influence on him, and he soon sank into the seemingly boundless mountain forest.

Wang Hu was not in a hurry. His speed was neither fast nor slow, but more of leisure.

No animals in the mountains and forests could pose a threat to him. He was worried about the most dangerous human beings from the beginning. However, he slowly discovered a fact.

This large area should be regarded as a nature reserve, and humans would not interfere with the survival of animals.

As for whether this world was still the same as that of his previous life or not…

He didn't know. He wouldn't die trying to figure it out even though he was a little curious.

He did not miss much about the world in his previous life so it made no big difference whether he knew it or not.

He only knew that the clothes, some photography equipment, and other things looked similar to those in his previous life.

Three days later, Wang Hu had already left his territory and entered the territory of other tigers.

He went on a rampage and walked for another two days. This area was where he last saw his second brother, Er Hu, three years ago.

It was a huge area. He did not think he would be able to find the second brother right away, but he was not in a hurry.

One day later, while walking in the mountains and forests, Wang Hu—who was about to hunt down his prey—stopped.

There was a weak tiger roar, and there were two of them.

His eyes were cold, and his feet quickened. Er Hu no longer recognized him as his big brother.

However, now that he met Er Hu, he would naturally not tolerate others hurting this second brother.


With a low growl, he tore faster through this mountain with the huge body of hundreds of kilograms in the white snow, like a fish in the water, carrying gusts of wind.

Not long after turning a mountain, the roar of two tigers became louder and more intense as if they were about to fight in the next moment.

Wang Hu's figure stopped with just a glance. He rolled his eyes and forgot about any thoughts of intervening.

This second brother actually just wanted… that!

He couldn't be of much help then.

He smiled in his heart and didn't get close. Such matters could only be solved by this brother.

He was content, seeing that this guy was safe and sound from a distance.

After he was done, he would clean up his meal as usual and go to see his third brother.

He made up his mind and got closer to see clearly.

Well, Er Hu still hadn't changed. Its size was obviously not as good as him, but it was not weaker than the average male tiger. Moreover, it was in good spirits—obviously living well.

He looked at the opposing, obviously-unwilling female tiger.

Wang Hu's eyes lit up in that instant.

So beautiful!

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