9 Abnormalities of the Silly Girl

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Anyone could die, and anyone could succeed.

He would naturally fight for it at any cost if he was alone. After all, he had nothing but his life at that time.

However, he now had a family: his wife and two children.

So in addition to joy, there was more seriousness.

In the light of chaos of spiritual power and world change, it was normal to worry about his family—his wife and children.

The awakening of spiritual power and changes in the world's structure were not simple things to talk about. The more one thought about the meaning contained within it, the heavier it felt… and it would sweep through countless killings.

Especially since he was a tiger now, he did not know much about the specific situation so he could only accept it passively.

The unknown was always fearful.

Wang Hu seemed a little silent while he let his imagination run wild. This night, other than not letting the silly girl, Big Treasure, and Little Treasure out of the cave; he was mostly in his own thoughts.

On the second day, Wang Hu's family of four had their bodies grow again overnight. After going out of the cave to check it out, it was everywhere as if all creatures were getting bigger.

In a blink of an eye, such a miraculous sight happened for eight days.

The human world…

China, as the most powerful country on the Asian continent, was also one of the two superpowers in the world.

Naturally, it noticed the great changes in the world immediately.

The state machinery of the superpowers operated with countless manpower and material resources; countless scientific experiments, data, and wisdom were gathered.

The power of its burst was unimaginable.

In just eight days, in the capital of China, in an underground research institute very deep in the ground; densely packed computer screens flickered, and data fluctuated. People kept coming and going.

In one of the enclosed rooms, several people looked shocked and serious.

An old man said in a deep voice: "This is the latest conclusion of our research institute. If there is nothing to add, then report it upwards immediately."

After listening, several people in the room nodded slowly.

They reached a consensus, and the old man made a call.

The call connected, and with a few simple words of politeness, the old man solemnly said: "We have just researched this kind of substance that suddenly appeared…"

The same scene had been happening all over the country for eight days.

Numerous research results converged in one place.

At eight o'clock in the evening, seven cabinet members gathered in a conference room at the core of China's capital. This was the eighth time in the past eight days, and it was absolutely unimaginable in the past.

However, most of them still felt that it was lacking.

"Leaders, from eight o'clock yesterday to just now, our research has made further discoveries. The data shows that the speed of the substance that appears in space or enters the body of people, animals, plants, etc.—which we have temporarily named 'spiritual power'—has slowed by about 3%.

"The slowdown might be minimal, but we speculate that it will probably gradually decrease until there is no more activity."

An old man, who looked more than sixty, said on the big screen in the conference room.

Seeing that no one spoke in the meeting room, he continued to report: "The extent to which spiritual power enhances the physical fitness of people is different. It is now roughly determined that the stronger the physical fitness, the faster and more abundant the spiritual power would enter a being and the greater the enhancement. The same applies to animals.

"In terms of awakening abilities, it should be an extremely rare situation. Through research, it is more likely that this spiritual power opens the shackles of the natural talent of the human body.

"Various information technologies and thermal weapons have not been affected.

"We are still studying the ancient martial arts through data and cannot be sure of anything…

"All the details have been sent to the Secretary's Office."

The six figures in the meeting room listened through more than half an hour of reporting where the person on the screen brought about the collated data. None were impatient.

Finally, the old man sitting in the center nodded, said thank you for the good work, and ended the video call.

There was another video call immediately. It was a man in his fifties and in a suit. His eyes seemed to flash with a strange kind of wisdom, but his head was mostly bald.

"Dear leaders, the Secretary Office agreed today that, if it is as the data says, this change will turn the world upside down. We must prepare immediately, and everything we think of for the time being must be written down and placed at the table," the man nodded and said in a serious tone.

That old man nodded back as well, and the video was cut off.

"Look at them all."

The thick and steady voice sounded, and the six of them picked up the report on the desk in front of them.

The more they looked at it, the heavier their expressions became even with their status and disposition.

The Secretary's Office also has another name in private—the National Think Tank which advised the cabinet and filled the gaps.

Many things in this report were of great significance.

They read it carefully and thoughtfully for a long time.

It was still the old man who sternly spoke: "How?"

Another old man replied seriously: "I think, this is an opportunity for a big change. We can't wait any longer. We may fall behind if we are even a moment late."

"I also agree that this is a good opportunity. I would rather trust it than not to. Some of these things may cause some controversies, but the advantages outweigh the disadvantages," one more old man said solemnly.

Soon, the other elderly people also voiced their agreement.

The old man sitting in the middle nodded his head and concluded: "Then, we'll make a decision here, have the work segregated, and be comprehensively prepared for this big change."

The decision was then made after. The next day, an order was sent from the central government.

The engines in the giant—that was China—had started its clockwork.

From the government to the military, from the public opinion network to reality… all got into action.

The army began to appear in many mountains and rivers in the country, and countless ferocious beasts were captured or even shot directly.

More monitoring devices were being sprinkled in the domestic cities and villages, mountains and rivers. At the same time, more of them were to be deployed to the border.

Such a big movement was deliberately made secret, but it still naturally aroused more discussion.

The natural busybodies in the human world seemed like they were being fueled by fire.

Restlessness began to appear especially in countries outside China.

This time, the world had changed too dramatically, and the impact was too great.

In the cave, Wang Hu didn't know the changes in the human world. He had thought about it, but he had imagined it out of thin air and had no basis.

Moreover, at this time, he didn't have the mind to think about it.

He looked at the silly girl who was asleep again, his forehead wrinkled, and his pair of tiger eyes were filled with worry and uncertainty.

It was already the twelfth day of the big change, and everything seemed to be undergoing earth-shaking changes.

His body was about 1.5 meters high at the shoulder and 2.6 meters long. His weight had at least doubled, and his strength had more than doubled.

Big Treasure and Little Treasure had grown a lot, and it seemed that they were about forty kilograms.

The changes in the silly girl were equally big, with a shoulder height of about 1.2 meters and a body length of about 2.1 meters. It seemed like that was about his previous size.

However, these days, the silly girl was always asleep, and when she wasn't asleep, she would be in a daze.

These two points alone were not enough. What made him more uneasy was that, when the silly girl woke up that day, he saw that domineering and noble gaze several times in a row, and it seemed to be getting more frequent.

At the same time—when she was in a daze, she had confused eyes that appeared from time to time. She also had a weird behavior of standing alone on the top of the mountain, and the killing intent, coldness, and other things appeared randomly.

It made Wang Hu understand that a huge change might be happening to the silly girl.

Maybe this change was a good thing, but he felt uneasy whenever he thought of that look.

It didn't look like blood awakening or anything!

However, on the other hand, he couldn't do anything as well. He could only watch and wait, which deepened his irritability.

He waited patiently in the cave for a long time, watching the silly girl, while coaxing Big Treasure and Little Treasure in their play.

As night fell, Big Treasure and Little Treasure fell asleep, and Wang Hu quietly walked out of the cave. The weather should have been getting warmer, but it was unusually cool because of the big changes.

He could obviously feel the speed of the spiritual power enter his body at a slower speed after carefully feeling it. Wang Hu knew that the greatest benefit of the big change might be completely stopped in a few days.

Since the beginning of the great change, he became stronger and faster. From the eighth day, he could feel the speed of the spiritual power entering his body slowing down, and it was decelerating every day after that.

He also understood that, and that was more normal.

Otherwise, wouldn't all creatures and creatures continue to grow rapidly?

That did not make sense at all.

This rapid and active influx of spiritual power these days should be the benefit of the great changes, which would no longer be in the future.

Of course, this was all Wang Hu's imagination, and it would take time to prove it.

He started hunting without thinking too much.

As his body grew, his appetite was getting bigger. The same went for his family… so the hunting frequency had to naturally increase.

Fortunately, nowadays, animals were getting bigger and more irritable, and hunting was easy.

None of them seemed to be able to rival him even though they grew stronger anyway.

Finish the hunt quickly and return to the cave…

In a blink of an eye, it was the fifteenth day of the big change. At this time, the speed of the spiritual power entering Wang Hu's body was slow to the point of trickling.

After midnight, it stopped completely.

No more spiritual power entered Wang Hu's body; neither would he feel its presence anymore.

Suddenly, there was a muffled sound in his mind just when he felt disappointed.

He froze once again with worry, the impact of many things not unfamiliar to him these days.

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