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My female disciples are scary


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For me, the world of cultivation was divided into three difficulty levels: The easy level Mortal Plane where I made mob characters cry the name of their ancestors. The medium level Spiritual Plane where mob characters made me cry the name of my ancestors. The hard level Heavenly Plane where I joined my ancestors. After experiencing all sorts of turbulence for more than thousand years and somehow restarting my life again in the middle of easy level (Mortal Plane), I wanted to do nothing more than become an NPC and peacefully ascend to higher planes without fighting like those hot-blooded lunatics of shounen manga. As such, I painstakingly taught my dear disciples all sorts of knowledge in hopes that they could provide senior support for their master in the future. Yet… how did things turn out this way? What do you mean you are going to destroy the Heavenly Demon Sect? Isn’t that supposed to be the duty of high spec MCs? Oh wait, you are a high-spec MC. Wait what? You want to rule over the world? Go and cure your chuuni disease before you come before me again. And you, you, and you. What do you mean by you will not let anybody take our master? Wear your dress properly and go meet the therapist immediately. *sigh* I can’t take it anymore. Someone, please replace me. My female disciples are scary. ..................... I do not own the cover pic nor any portion of it.


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