8 Mutt and Phoenix

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It was nine o'clock in the morning. Qin Feng arrived at Qingping High School by himself using the shuttle bus that only showed up twice a day. He walked into the school. There were not many students around because classes were in session. 

His goal was to reapply for the assessment. To do that, he needed to go into the teacher's office and fill up some forms. 

Just as Qin Feng was heading there, he ran into a familiar face. This person was called Xu Hai. He was Qin Feng's classmate and was also preparing to take the martial arts assessment. 

Xu Hai immediately greeted warmly, "Qin Feng!"

Before Qin Feng could say anything, Xu Hai continued, "What are you doing here? Our homeroom teacher and classmates are at the Great Hall. A senior from Jiang University had come to give a lecture. Let's hurry over. If we're late, we'll miss out."

Xu Hai's voice was filled with excitement. He clearly admired Jiang University.

The full name of Jiang University was actually Jiangnan Martial Arts University. It was one of the top ten martial arts academies in the entire Huaxia Federation. Moreover, it was the only martial arts academy in this province and was quite far away. Millions of students from Jiangnan Province wanted to enter this academy. 

In Qin Feng's previous life, one still had to work from the bottom after graduating from university. Meanwhile, if a martial artist who graduated from Jiang University wanted to enter politics, he would start as the second-in-command at a county level. On the other hand, if he wanted to do business, he would receive a large number of shares for free from a listed company. Lastly, if he joined the army, he would at least start as a lieutenant colonel. No explanations were needed. Students who graduated from Jiang University were at least Houtian-level martial artists. They could easily fight against a hundred other martial artists. In short, alumni from Jiang University were very strong. Hence, they could easily gain wealth and status. It was no surprise that countless geniuses would compete to enter this academy.

"Our homeroom teacher went as well?"

Qin Feng was interested in the lecture, but he had to fill out the forms for reassessment as soon as possible. 

"Yes. I've already checked the office earlier. The other teachers informed me about the lecture, so I came downstairs. By the way, how was your assessment?"

"I didn't pass. I'm preparing for the second round."

Qin Feng did not avoid the question. He answered honestly while shaking his head.

"Oh... It's fine. Take your time. There's no rush. Anyway, let's go. We shouldn't miss out on a good opportunity."

Xu Hai's attitude also changed slightly. Regardless, he was not trying to look down on others. After finishing his sentence, he ran toward the Great Hall with his head lowered.

Qin Feng did not waste any more time either. He followed closely from behind. Since he was going to retake the assessment, this lecture would certainly benefit him. 


Fifteen minutes later, Qin Feng arrived at the Great Hall. After showing his student ID, the security guard at the entrance let him in. The place was packed. A young man in a different uniform was talking. Every time he said something, the students would take notes.

Xu Hai said in a low voice, "Qin Feng, come and sit here."

Then, he patted the seat beside him. Qin Feng nodded and sat beside him.

Just as he sat down, Xu Hai said, "Previously, Senior Li Fei only told us some basic information about Jiang University. The good stuff was barely mentioned. Oh right, the senior sister that you've saved is here today. I reckon she'll go on stage later."

Upon mentioning that, Xu Hai's expression suddenly changed. It was as if he had said something wrong. He immediately stopped talking and looked a little embarrassed. Xu Hai smiled sheepishly. Clearly, he wanted to add something but was worried it would make things worse. 

As for Qin Feng, his heart suddenly contracted. A woman's figure flashed across his mind. She was beautiful, like a singular flower blooming in the snow. One would only dare to look at her from afar. This woman's name was Ye Shuang, a descendant of the Ye family. She could be considered wealthy.

Qin Feng and her were not even on the same page. The incident was just a coincidence. When he was searching for a deserted training ground, he ran into her. Ye Shuang was trying to break through, but she failed and fell into a coma. Her body was in a critical state. Without any hesitation, Qin Feng carried her on his back and went to the nearest hospital. Fortunately, she survived. That was how he became her savior.

Qin Feng thought he had done a good deed. However, the aftermath did not turn out as expected. 

When the Ye family found out, they immediately began investigating the young man. They did not even thank him. As the investigation turned out to be fruitless, the Ye family began interrogating and threatening Qin Feng. Basically, they did not believe the incident was a coincidence. In the end, Ye Shuang had to personally explain everything.

Qin Feng managed to dodge a bullet and the Ye family compensated him with some money. Before ending the matter once and for all, the Ye family's elderlies gave Qin Feng a warning. Their words would forever be engraved in his heart. 

"You're just a stray mutt on the ground. Ye Shuang is a phoenix in the sky. A good-for-nothing like you better not have any ulterior motives. Otherwise, you won't even know how you've died."

Qin Feng was thoroughly humiliated! From that day onwards, he swore to become a powerful martial artist. The Ye family would definitely regret their actions.

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