1 Amnesia, Absolutely Not Getting a Divorce!

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The Capital's First People's Hospital, VIP ward.

Chu Xi was leaning against the hospital bed and admiring her beauty in a Hello Kitty makeup mirror. Although her skin was smooth and she had almond-shaped eyes, she had a sickly appearance that made her look delicate and fragile. Looking at this seriously ill beautiful girl, Mrs. Chu felt the urge to comfort her. With such a good appearance, she was simply destined to be in the entertainment industry.

Mrs. Chu asked softly, "Have you remembered what I told you?"

Chu Xi nodded obediently. "I've been married to Mr. He for three years. I'm divorcing him now, but I still love him very much. I didn't agree to the divorce before I lost my memory."

She was just an F-list celebrity and was on a completely different level from an A-list actor like He Yu. She didn't expect that before she lost her memory, she was able to hook such a powerful person as her husband. Thinking of He Yu's photo she had just found, she almost drooled at the sight of his perfect figure and gorgeous looks. Although she got married a little early, she definitely didn't lose out!

Mrs. Chu said, "Then do you agree to divorce him?"

Chu Xi said firmly, "Of course not! Before I lost my memory, I was unwilling to get a divorce no matter what. Now that he has finally wavered, if I agree to the divorce, won't my efforts be in vain?!"

Mrs. Chu smiled. "My good daughter, you're right. Your father and I are going to Hawaii for a vacation. Don't forget what I told you. Enjoy your life with He Yu."

Chu Xi looked in the direction where her mother had disappeared in with a puzzled expression. She had been in a car accident and lost her memory. Although she looked fine now, not only weren't her parents accompanying her, but they even wanted to go on a vacation?

"What a loving couple!"

"Li Jinchen actually learned to cook for his wife. Lu Pan'er is so lucky. They're such a sweet couple!"

The door wasn't closed tightly, and discussions could be heard through the crack.

Chu Xi put down the mirror in her hand, took out her phone, and opened Weibo to take a look at the trending searches.

Trending! The happy routine of Li Jinchen and Lu Pan'er.

Trending! Lu Pan'er personally made breakfast for Li Jinchen!

[Li Jinchen and Lu Pan'er, the sweetest couple in the industry!]

[No one cared about Chu Yu and his wife, who got married on the same day as Li Jinchen and Lu Pan'er.]

[Who is Chu Yu?]

[When will Chu Xi and He Yu get a divorce?]

Seeing the comments under the trending topics, Chu Xi found it quite interesting. Her husband was He Yu. He Yu had a good figure and handsome looks! She must have been out of her mind to get a divorce! She would never give up her position to others! As for Li Jinchen and Lu Pan'er, who the netizens were fans of, Chu Xi only felt disgusted. Li Jinchen was her ex-boyfriend. After they broke up, Li Jinchen seemed to have hit the jackpot and climbed to the top of the entertainment industry. He even married Lu Pan'er, who was also in the industry. As soon as the news of their marriage was announced, countless netizens congratulated them. At the same time, their popularity soared. However, no one knew that Li Jinchen cheated on her and Lu Pan'er was the third party. A match made in heaven? They were clearly an adulterous couple!

Chu Xi no longer had any feelings for Li Jinchen. In fact, she couldn't remember why she had fallen in love with Li Jinchen back then.

But it didn't matter. Which girl hadn't met a scumbag before? It would serve as an experience!


A Rolls-Royce stopped in the hospital's underground parking lot.

The driver said, "Young Master, we're already here."

He Yu didn't respond. He just lowered his head and looked at the screen of his phone. It was a trending topic on Weibo. He usually didn't pay attention to entertainment news, but Chu Xi liked reading entertainment news. Moreover, every time she saw Li Jinchen and Lu Pan'er's trending topics, she would throw a tantrum.

"Young Master, let me go summon Madam," the driver said.

"No need. Just wait in the car." With that, He Yu called Mrs. Chu. "Mother-in-law, thank you for helping me persuade Chu Xi."

Mrs. Chu said, "We're family. There's no need to thank me. You and Chu Xi have been married for three years. It's indeed outrageous for her to still be thinking about Li Jinchen!"

"Tell me the truth. Is Chu Xi's accident related to Li Jinchen?"

"Forget it. I don't need you to tell me. She's really too outrageous. Fortunately, you tolerate her."

Although Mrs. Chu's heart ached for her daughter, she also felt that her daughter didn't know what was good for her.

He Yu came from a good family, was handsome, had a good personality, knew how to cook, and was considerate. He didn't need Chu Xi to do anything in return. Where else could she find such a good husband?! However, her daughter actually wanted a divorce. She was crazy!

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