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[You have used 100 Lost Souls to summon an undead.] ‘Change probability,’ Nikolai used his powers of fate and increased probability. The giant black box in front of him began rotating, and golden cracks appeared as another undead joined his army. [You have obtained the Dullahan of Wrath (Lvl. 1)] Nikolai grinned and clenched his fist in excitement. With this monster joining his undead army, he’ll have an easier time getting the Legendary Skill. [Warning!] [Consume one Living Soul or suffer the consequences.] The system stole his joy and sought to remind him that he was no longer human. Nikolai sighed and looked at himself in the mirror. He stopped being human the moment he awakened. Now, he needed to devour humans to stay alive. Humans and gods alike hated him. *** I hold no copyrights over the cover. *** If you wish to support me: https://www.patreon.com/MellowGuy

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Trust Myself

There were traces of blood on him, but he washed them off using the stream's water. With the heavy rain, the stream was angry. It took him some effort to clean his clothes and wear them again without losing them.

He sought shelter under a giant tree, shielding him from the rain. Nikolai sat down after hanging his clothes to dry. With such weather, he doubted they would.

After taking off his shirt for the first time today, Nikolai found something around his neck. It took him a moment to remember that it was his only connection to his origins, a small black pouch with a crystal inside.

Stats crystals were colorful, Skills crystals were transparent with a rune inscribed on them. As for this one, it was grey. It had a crack running across its surface like a cobweb. No rune, no color. The only thing that linked him to his past was a useless one.

Nikolai sighed and tucked the small pouch back into his undergarments. He then looked at the two shining crystals beside him. Strength and Agility, exactly what he needed.

[The chosen event: obtaining 3 points from the strength crystal.]

[Probability: 5%]

[Fate Points invested: 4.]

[New Probability: 25%]

[Fate Points: 19.]

[Manipulate Probability]

Nikolai pondered over the situation. He can increase the chances of himself obtaining more stats points from a single crystal, but that came at the expense of fate points.

If he didn't obtain the three points, then he would have wasted four fate points. It was a gamble. On the other hand, the probability of getting two stats points from the crystal was 25%. He can obtain two points if he invested 3 points.

It was then, as he sat down there in the rain, that a question came to mind. What would happen to the other outcomes' probabilities? It was obvious that the probability of an event happening is dependent on several factors, and changing these factors can change the probability of other events occurring.

"It's an experiment." Nikolai sighed and pressed Manipulate Probability. He then crushed the crystals as green light seeped into his body, reinforcing it.

[3 Strength Stats Points have been absorbed.]

Nikolai grinned. His 1/4 chance gave him three stats points instead of one. However, he had reduced his Fate Points supply by a fifth as well.

However, it was a well-worth-it investment. After all, he finally got his Strength to 9. That wouldn't happen unless he lifted weights for a month.

For the second crystal, he tried a different approach. He rephrased the chosen event into something that would make him invest fewer points.

'Choose an event: obtaining 3 or 2 points from the agility crystal.'

[No more than one outcome can be chosen.]

Nikolai was stunned when he read this message. He sighed and closed it. He had the mind to use 3 points to quadrable both events probabilities, but it seems he couldn't cheat the system.

The choice now lies between choosing 2-points or 3-points to invest in. If he chose to invest 2 Fate Points in the outcome of getting 2-stats points, then he would get a chance of 75%. Using some division and multiplication, Nikolai figured that left 1.6% of the remaining 25% for 3-stats point.

It was a difficult decision to make, as investing those two points in the 3-points outcome would result in a 15% for 3-stats, almost 22% for two points, and 62% for one point.

'Ugh, I should've studied more math.' Nikolai felt a headache. Even still, it was two options. No, it was three. 'I can invest in a single outcome with as many fate points as I can to make it a hundred, or a fifty at least.'

However, he didn't like that option. It was a waste of points as probability meant that he would have a higher chance of getting it for less investment.

Was this what gamblers felt like? Nikolai wondered. However, he wasn't gambling, he was calculating. In the end, he chose to spend three points on a 2-points outcome.

[2 Agility Stats Points have been absorbed.]

Nikolai sighed. He had raised the probability to a 100% in the end because he couldn't risk wasting a crystal. Even still, he wasn't regretful as his agility was now 9, the same as his strength.

He felt his body feel stronger, more agile, as the rain started showing signs of stopping. He wore his clothes and took the bullet out of his pocket to look at it.

This would be the memento of his first kill in this world. He was sure that there were a lot more to come, but he wasn't afraid to tread that path. He had seen the nature of humans and how he would end up if he was merciful.

In his past life, Luke has been one of the reasons that hindered him at every juncture. He couldn't even remember how many times he suffered the pain of the wounds Luke inflicted. In this lifetime, that won't happen again because Luke was dead. It was the same for everything else.

It was either him or the world.


Hunting a rabbit was easy once Nikolai put his heart into it. By the end of the three hours, he was heading toward the gates with a rabbit foot in hand.

This time, Nikolai didn't use any fate points so that it would drop. Instead, he decided to use his new ability more efficiently.

Making money.

His first idea, of course, was to gamble. It was a viable option if he was eighteen, which he was not at the moment. This would mean he would either need to fake his age or get someone to gamble for him.

'Who do I have?' Nikolai laughed to himself as he thought on his way back. 'An orphan, an outcast, if I had someone that I can trust my past life wouldn't have been that bad.'

He remembers that he knew the caretakers at the orphanage, but he only knew their strictness with the children. To control over fifty kids, they needed an attitude that didn't scream 'you can trust me.'

Nikolai began to see the walls that isolated the forest. Soon enough, he was standing in front of the gate among twenty students. Mr. Heartwrath was already standing there waiting for the rest of them to come back.

A few minutes before the three hours were over, Julian and Erza came back with a disheveled and tired appearance. Their clothes were wet from the rain and their trousers were filled with mud.

"What happened?" Mr. Heartwrath asked with a frown.

"I- we searched for him; he wasn't anywhere. We tried to…" Erza's answer came in heaves. "Mr. Heartwrath, please help us."

"Calm down and tell me what happened."

"It's Luke." Julian had his signature cold expression. "He's not anywhere, we've looked for him."

"And why is he not with you? You're a team." Mr. Heartwrath had a terrifying frown.

"We split up to look for the monster, we had no choice." Julian was equally composed. "Instead of this, we should find him."

"Stay here, all of you." Mr. Heartwrath demanded. "I'm going to search for him, in the meantime, call the academy." With that, Mr. Heartwrath disappeared like a ghost.

Julian and Erza started cleaning themselves. When they were finished, Julian started looking around until he spotted Nikolai. With large strides, he rushed over to him.

"Where is he?!" He grabbed Nikolai by the collar. "We've heard gunshots. You must have been near, so tell me where he is!"

"I don't know what you're talking about, let go of me!" Nikolai demanded. "I have no idea where he is! I never saw him!"

"You lying bastard…" Julian grabbed Nikolai by the through and began to strangle him. "Tell me where he is!"

Nikolai felt light-headed as his neck felt like it was being crushed. As he reached out to his dagger, a hand grabbed Julian's wrist and twisted it upward.

As if strength left his body, Julian's hand opened and Nikolai fell to the ground, coughing. He looked at Julian and the newcomer in confusion.

It was a girl that has been accompanying Marcus. She was the second strongest after Julian, making her motives for helping him unclearly. With her black hair swaying in the wind and icy blue eyes, she glared at Julian.

"Mr. Heartwrath said we should stay here quietly, don't cause trouble. Do you believe he can do something to Luke? If Luke was in trouble, this student can't help even if he was there. He only has a gun, be rational."

"It's none of your business," Julian slapped her hand away. He glared at Nikolai with fury before turning walking back toward Erza.

"Are you okay?" The girl asked as Marcus came over to stand beside them. "Do you need some water?"

"No, thank you." Nikolai shook his head and stood up. "I also didn't ask for help."

"That's an ungrateful attitude." Marcus frowned and berated. "If someone helps you, you should thank them."

"Again, you decided to interfere." Nikolai glared back. "I appreciate the help, but I never asked for it. I could've handled it."

"Of course, you would have," The girl nodded and started walking away. Marcus, however, kept glaring at Nikolai.

"Don't make everyone your enemy, Nikolai Yaran. Your pride will bring the death of you." Marcus followed after the girl as well.

'Hah, pride?' Nikolai laughed inwardly as he stared at Julian. 'You expect me to trust you just because you jumped in? Why is it that you never helped me in my past life? The only person I can trust is myself.'