My Faᵵe System

[You have used 100 Lost Souls to summon an undead.] ‘Change probability,’ Nikolai used his powers of fate and increased probability. The giant black box in front of him began rotating, and golden cracks appeared as another undead joined his army. [You have obtained the Dullahan of Wrath (Lvl. 1)] Nikolai grinned and clenched his fist in excitement. With this monster joining his undead army, he’ll have an easier time getting the Legendary Skill. [Warning!] [Consume one Living Soul or suffer the consequences.] The system stole his joy and sought to remind him that he was no longer human. Nikolai sighed and looked at himself in the mirror. He stopped being human the moment he awakened. Now, he needed to devour humans to stay alive. Humans and gods alike hated him. *** I hold no copyrights over the cover. *** If you wish to support me: https://www.patreon.com/MellowGuy

MellowGuy · Fantasy
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Fleeing Countless Vultures

Nikolai saw that even in his dimension, Sergio rushed toward Ruxi to help her. He hated that his friend was growing attached to this archer because he still couldn't trust her.

The fact that she refused to leave his side even though she could run away using her skill made Nikolai convinced she was after something. Giving people the benefit of the doubt was not his style, not anymore.

Sergio's impression of him might change because of his actions, but it was better than waking up one day regretting that you ever trusted someone.

Nikolai heard the flap of wings and knew that it was time to flee. The bells on the vultures loudly rang as Nikolai grabbed one of the vials that Sergio created. It was called Mana-Restore, and it can restore the mana in the body up to three times.

After that, the toxicity of the potion will poison you.