My Ex Husband Wants Me Back After 3 Years Of Divorce

Meet Erika Walters, a woman who left her wealthy family and expensive lifestyle, hid her identity just to marry the one man that she loves. A man whom her family had warned her not to chase if she doesn’t want to be heartbroken. Turning a deaf ear towards her family, Erika married Adrian Hart. Adrain was against the marriage due to the fact that he never had feelings for Erika. However, the both of them got together because of the Matriarch of the Hart family. Grandma Elizabeth. A marriage was supposed to be a sweet journey for a woman who had just been accepted by her in laws but Erika’s was the opposite. Being treated as a servant wasn’t one of the roles of a married woman. Her in laws all treated her like dirt. Her husband continuously cheated on her with his lover, Felicia Evans whom his grandmother had always looked down on. After witnessing her husband having sexual intercourse with his lover in their matrimonial bed, Erika couldn’t take the torture anymore. She has reached her limit of endurance. She couldn’t let her heart to be continuously played with as if it was some toy. Erika reached out for the divorce papers, signed her name and left the Hart mansion with a promise that she would come back and make them loose everything they had ever worked hard for. Love? She has three elder brothers who dote on her. Erika went back to her family and started her plot against her ex in laws until she met Ethan, her childhood friend whom she had bumped into years ago. **** Excerpt “You really are a slut”, Adrian spat in disgust. Erika calmly looked at him. “The last time I checked, Mr Hart. We are not longer related so why is it such a bother to you if am a slut or not?” She coldly questioned him. “Since you have such a good eye at identifying who is a slut, why haven’t you figured out the main slut in your family yet?” She questioned him back. **** Will Erika successfully get her revenge? How will Adrain react when he sees that she has moved on? Will Adrain and Felicia have a happy ending? Will Erika feel any regret after getting her revenge? Will there be more secrets that she will discover on her journey of revenge? Find out more by clicking the book; My Ex Husband Wants Me Back After 3 Years Of Divorce

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Felix forcefully slipped his tongue in her mouth and he readied himself to get bitten but the bite never came so he continued to kiss her until he suddenly felt a kick in his groin.

"Ahh", he quickly released her and held his balls tightly as he groaned in pain. "Why would you do that?" He asked her as he tried to stand the pain.

"Because am not your property for you to play with in that manner. Next time you try such a thing, you will be loosing a tooth", Monica threatened with a glare. She was about to walk away again but Felix grabbed her hand again.

"Why are you so heartless?" He asked her. "You could have just punched me or pushed me away, you didn't have to result to this level of violence. If I end up becoming impotent, it's on you", he said.

"Can you just stop touching me?" She tried to yank her arm away again but it only made it tighten his grip.