My Ex Husband Wants Me Back After 3 Years Of Divorce

Meet Erika Walters, a woman who left her wealthy family and expensive lifestyle, hid her identity just to marry the one man that she loves. A man whom her family had warned her not to chase if she doesn’t want to be heartbroken. Turning a deaf ear towards her family, Erika married Adrian Hart. Adrain was against the marriage due to the fact that he never had feelings for Erika. However, the both of them got together because of the Matriarch of the Hart family. Grandma Elizabeth. A marriage was supposed to be a sweet journey for a woman who had just been accepted by her in laws but Erika’s was the opposite. Being treated as a servant wasn’t one of the roles of a married woman. Her in laws all treated her like dirt. Her husband continuously cheated on her with his lover, Felicia Evans whom his grandmother had always looked down on. After witnessing her husband having sexual intercourse with his lover in their matrimonial bed, Erika couldn’t take the torture anymore. She has reached her limit of endurance. She couldn’t let her heart to be continuously played with as if it was some toy. Erika reached out for the divorce papers, signed her name and left the Hart mansion with a promise that she would come back and make them loose everything they had ever worked hard for. Love? She has three elder brothers who dote on her. Erika went back to her family and started her plot against her ex in laws until she met Ethan, her childhood friend whom she had bumped into years ago. **** Excerpt “You really are a slut”, Adrian spat in disgust. Erika calmly looked at him. “The last time I checked, Mr Hart. We are not longer related so why is it such a bother to you if am a slut or not?” She coldly questioned him. “Since you have such a good eye at identifying who is a slut, why haven’t you figured out the main slut in your family yet?” She questioned him back. **** Will Erika successfully get her revenge? How will Adrain react when he sees that she has moved on? Will Adrain and Felicia have a happy ending? Will Erika feel any regret after getting her revenge? Will there be more secrets that she will discover on her journey of revenge? Find out more by clicking the book; My Ex Husband Wants Me Back After 3 Years Of Divorce

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Months had passed since Erika returned to her family and the chaos that occurred in the Hart had already subsided. Erika didn't have anything to do and only stayed home and chatted with her mom and dad. Monica has gone back to work.

Currently, Erika is watching TV with her mom. They switched from one channel to the other as they were bored and nothing good was showing on TV until they saw something. It was a headline that was talking about the engagement of Adrain and Felicia.

The both of them were holding hands with big smiles on their faces, especially on Felicia's pretty face. Sophia saw the news and turned to Erika.

She was worried her daughter would be sad again. Quickly, she switched the channel but Erika stopped her, "It's okay Mom, let's watch, I don't feel anything for him anyway." Sophia felt pity for her daughter, but still left it on.

Felix came into the living room and saw what was displayed on TV. He felt like smashing the TV at the sight of the disgusted couple. He said to Erika, "They are engaged now, are you still going to wait until they get married?" Erika has already told her family everything and her plans for revenge but would only start after they get married and settle down.

Erika replied calmly, "Oh Felix, you sound impatient. Relax, they won't see me coming".

"Don't mind me, I just can't wait to see their downfall." Those wretched people who hurt his little sister are going to pay for it.

At first, he planned to make them go bankrupt since he was now the CEO of the Walters Corporation, he had the power but Erika stopped him saying that would be too easy for them and they could use the Evans power to build their company back. So he didn't do anything and waited for his sister to act first.

Sophia said in between their discussion, "Remember to be careful dear." She supported Erika in her plans to ruin that family but was in fear for her daughter's safety.

"Don't worry Mom, I will be fine". Erika assured her mom and said to Felix, "Felix, teach me how to fight".

Felix was a little shocked, "You want to learn how to fight?"

Erika replied, "Yeah, just in case." With the tone she used in the last word, it sounded as if she was going to beat them into a pulp but Felix understood and nodded.

In California, Felicia was holding Adrian so closely that it made him feel annoyed and felt like flinging his hand away from hers but controlled himself since it was his and her engagement party.

For some reason, he wasn't happy about this whole arrangement. He had delayed their engagement for so long that he kept wondering why.

Felicia felt his stiffness and looked at him, "Is there something wrong, Adrian?"

"No, am good," he replied nonchalantly. He stared down at her face and for a moment he thought he saw flashes of Erika's face. He looked away. Felicia furrowed her eyebrows at his action.

Mary and Juliet were also present at the engagement party. Mary has persuaded Adrain a lot before he finally proposed to Felicia.

She noticed that Adrian was reluctant to marry Felicia and also wondered if he was in love with her. She didn't want to think too much about it and continued talking to the guests who were mostly jealous because the Evans and the Hart will merge and become much more powerful than they were currently.

After the party, Felicia and Adrian went to their room, the same room that he once shared with Erika.

He went straight to the bathroom first because he was tired. After he was done, he went straight to bed.

Felicia watched him closely. He didn't even say goodnight. Ever since he and Erika got divorced, he rarely spoke to her or even visited her.

She went to meet him on the bed, "Adrian, are you really okay, you don't look happy."

"I said am good, don't disturb me am tired." He said, a little pissed.

Felicia went closer and started touching him all over and said seductively, "Adrian it's been a while since we had a little, don't you think? how about.....hey!" Before she could finish her words, Adrian aggressively threw her hands away from his body.

"Don't touch me, I said I am tired, don't you understand that?" He became fully angry and yelled at her.

"Adrian, what is wrong with you, it's been months since you made love to me, and don't think I haven't noticed your change of attitude towards me since you divorced Erika," Felicia said in the same angry tone.

"What do you mean?"

"You miss Erika, are you in love with that slut?" Felicia questioned.

Adrian laughed like he had heard the funniest joke of all time, "Are you insane? I'm not in love with her." He said, but it sounded like he was trying to convince himself.