40 Chapter 40: The male lead appears in the dream..._1

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Upon hearing this, Du Qingyu's expression changed dramatically. She stood up anxiously "Qilan, that's not possible. She has no work experience. How can she handle the job of a secretary? Moreover, her appearance will damage the image of the company..."

Su Hongxing initially wanted to reject the offer but Du Qingyu's remarks changed her mind.

After pondering for a little bit, she asked, "Does being your secretary pay more than working in the planning department?"

A hint of amusement flashed through Ye Qilan's eyes. "Of course. As my secretary, your salary would be double what it is now."

"No one would turn down more money, right?" Su Hongxing straightened her face. "Thank you for giving me this opportunity, Mr. Ye. I will work hard."

Ye Qilan was satisfied with Su Hongxing's answer. He turned to Du Qingyu, standing in front of the sofa. "Since you have a sprained ankle, you should go to the hospital. Take the day off."

Du Qingyu did not expect this outcome.


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