My Ex's Uncle

Author: eveawonyu
Contemporary Romance
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What is My Ex's Uncle

Read ‘My Ex's Uncle’ Online for Free, written by the author eveawonyu, This book is a Contemporary Romance Novel, covering R18 Fiction, CEO Light Novel, POSSESSIVE Internet Novel, and the synopsis is: On a summer afternoon, I was dumped by my boyfriend. We had been together for two years and he left me after two months ...


On a summer afternoon, I was dumped by my boyfriend. We had been together for two years and he left me after two months of dating. He chose to marry a rich girl who could give him everything. "He can give me everything I want. You're just an ordinary girl," he said before leaving me with cold shoulders. I cried, but didn't lament it. He was no obstacle for me. I'll prove I can live without him. I'll rise to the highest position until he has to look down when he sees me. When I successfully completed my mission, I followed my friend's advice to go on a blind date. A new partner for a new chapter. Surprisingly, my cranky and cold boss became my partner. Besides, why was my ex there too while respectfully calling him, "Uncle." Wow, this is so interesting.

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einzigartige Geschichte werde ich noch einmal lesen


I love this and would want to say more but in the review section... thumbs for this Romcom


In the first part, I found the main problem. In the second part, I found the beginning of the problem, in the third part, I found a strong female character who doesn't want to be down because of a broken heart. [img=coins][img=coins]


don't know what to write . I like the characters description.


The story development is good. the writing is neat and easy to read


I like this one. I just read one chapter and it was amazing [img=Unalived][img=Unalived][img=Unalived]


Reveal spoiler


I've finished reading and wanted to leave a review. Dear author, I love the way you wrote the characters, Avery and Grace's relationship, and Kenneth. I like Kenneth, but don't dare wish he was with Avery. 🚩🚩🚩


Read several chapters, I can't stop myself to stop read... The characters their plot are amazing.


This is kinda of romance office, but the detail is amazing. I like when author describe the detail of the background story.


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