My Evolution Starting from a Giant Tree Book

novel - Fantasy

My Evolution Starting from a Giant Tree

Wo Diu Ni Leimu A

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  • 40 Chs

  • 4.2

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He was reborn as a willow! Before Lin Meng could get used to the familiar but also strange environment, a great era for the resurgence of spiritual energy started. Spiritual energy resurged. Everything in the world flourished... Ferocious beasts roared. Mountains and rivers were shaken. Strong people swept in, intending to break this world into pieces. However, by then, a willow rose from the ground and shaded the sky and the sun. The willow could evolve incessantly. Its fruits could endow others with spooky theurgies. The spiritual energy it gave off could nourish ferocious beasts. In the sky, the three important elements were dominating. On the ground, the nine divine beasts were snoozing... Some people called me the Tree of the World - Yggdrasill and worshiped me day and night. Some people called me the Ladder to Heaven, which held up the sky. Of course, more people called me the Divine Tree, the Tree of Curse, the Tree of Demon, and the like... But they always held me in awe.


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