My Evil Stepson System

Kevin Lannister was offered the chance to reincarnate by the goddess of Happiness for unknown reasons. He finally got to live a life of luxury in his new life but something totally unexpected occurred. His mother was kidnapped and his father fell into a coma. Now, it’s been three years and a twenty year old Kevin wanted to visit his dad in the hospital but a cannibal suddenly appears before him, killing him before he could see his dad. Was his life finally going to end without even finding out if his mother was still alive or not? But before he could release his last breath, a system notification sounded in his mind. [I am called Evil Stepson System. The goddess created and named me and my only purpose is to help you in seeking revenge, In other words, I’m here to make you the ultimate bad guy,] [But I didn’t expect to see a weak human. Aside from your physique, your strength and agility are average and not fitting of someone called my host,] “Parasite,” Kevin mutters. He has had enough of the system’s rudeness. It might have evil in its name but that doesn’t mean the system should act so rude to him. [Huh?] The system was shocked. “What’s wrong? Cat got your tongue?” An evil grin appeared on his face. Finally, the system was flabbergasted this time around. “You dwell in my head and you call me your host,” “ This means you need me to survive and that makes you a parasite cause I ain’t your damn Uber,” “You know what? I’m going to call you parasite as from now on,” [You wouldn’t dare,] “ I just did and I would again, a thousand times,” [Why you little!!] [Fine you win. What do I have to do to make you stop calling me that?] “Hmm, If you help me accomplish my mission of ending every single one of those who captured my mother. Maybe then, I’ll acknowledge the fact that you aren’t a parasite,” [Then I’ll definitely help you succeed,] [As a matter of fact, your first mission is ready. Would you like to see it?] “Yes,” [First Mission: Pop your cherry,] Kevin smirks and says. “You know what parasite, I think I’m beginning to like you,” [Hehe...me too,] “ You say what?” [Nothing,] Join Kevin as he tries to right the wrong of his previous world by making his family (especially mom) happy again. No NTR No Yuri Tags:- Milfs, Smut, Hardcore Intercourse, Virgins, Enemies Become Lovers.

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240 Chs

04. Encountering My First Cannibal.

A few moments later, Kevin emerged from the bathroom and grabbed his bag, prepared to leave the room.

Abel walked up to him and saw something in Kevin's bag while Kevin was rummaging through his belongings.

"You took the drugs we are working on with you?"

"Yeah, but these are mainly the drugs I've been developing on my own for a while now," Kevin replied.

"Dude, we're on a holiday. Just chill and let go of the chemistry formulas consuming your brain," Mason said teasingly.

Kevin, Mason, and Abel were all in their fourth year studying pharmacy at the university.

The trio had formed a close bond and were working together on a project to create drugs that would enhance the stamina of athletes during sports activities.

"Please tell me you're not trying to recreate those performance-enhancing drugs." Abel expressed his worry.

"I am, and I will perfect them," Kevin confidently responded.

Though it is called a performance-enhancing drug, the true purpose of the drug was to help cure erectile dysfunction.

40% of men in this world were suffering from impotence, and Max, his adoptive father, wasn't an exception.

This was why Max and his wife had adopted Kevin in the first place.

Kevin had worked diligently to get into the best university in the City, fueled by the determination to be the first to create a drug that could cure impotence and also increase the time men could last in bed with their spouses.

"I told you Kevin's the biggest pervert among us," Mason jested.

Kevin rolled his eyes before responding with a smile. "Whatever guys, see you later," He waved at his friends.

"Bye!" Mason waved back.

"Bye! But don't walk on the streets alone at night! And give me a call when you get home!" Abel yelled but Kevin didn't look back and only responded by waving at him.

"Since when did you become his dad?" Mason asked.

Abel simply shrugged, saying. "Can't I ask a friend to do something as simple as giving me a call?"

"You do know that Kevin isn't a kid right?"

"He's twenty years old, nearly 1.9m tall, has brown hair, sapphire blue eyes, and pretty good biceps and abs. He's also rich, smart, and has a car. In short, he's an enemy to all the young men and could be a lady killer if he would just let go of his past and move on with his life."

"Yeah, it's no wonder half the ladies in our department are pretty much in love with him."

"Hoho, I smell jealousy in the air." Mason teased.

"Dream on. I feel nothing but pride to be called a friend by someone like Kevin." Abel retorted.

"Yeah, me too." Mason agreed.

"Now, with that out of the way. Let's start packing our luggage before the sun rises." Mason suggested.


Meanwhile, Kevin hopped into his car outside and started the engine.

He was currently in Emerald City and it would take him twelve hours to reach Ruby City, where his house was located.

An hour later, he had left the university behind and was now driving on the freeway around five in the morning.

There were no cars around because of how early it was, but Kevin needed to return home as quickly as possible.

It had been three years since he last went home, but the news of his father's hospitalisation had been keeping him awake at night for almost a month now.

Kevin couldn't focus throughout his exam period without his mind drifting back to Max.

He heard that his new stepmother had been taking care of Max on her own and he felt sad that he couldn't be there for Max when he needed him the most.

Now, he planned to do his best to stay close to his dad and help reduce his Stepmother's burden.

As he drove, Kevin noticed the silhouette of a humanoid creature standing about a hundred meters ahead.

The creature was pale with bleached white eyes.

There were no cars ahead of him. The only thing before him was a humanoid creature who was holding a spear with blood dripping from its pointed edge.

"Don't tell me it is what I think it is," Kevin squinted as the figure of the humanoid creature seemed to resemble that of a cannibal.

"What the hell is a cannibal doing here?"

Kevin remembered reading in an article that cannibals were nocturnal creatures.

"Then why the hell is one standing before me right now when it's almost daybreak?"

"F*** it!!" Since he couldn't understand why a cannibal was here in the first place, Kevin slammed his foot on the accelerator, causing the car to let out a roaring sound as he aimed to ram into the cannibal.

Kevin heard they were strong but he wondered how strong a cannibal truly was.

After all, no matter how strong a cannibal was, it was bound to have a weakness.

'No one should be able to survive being hit by a car driving at full speed. Not even a cannibal.' He thought to himself.

However, the cannibal began to run towards Kevin at full speed while pointing the spear at him.

It was too fast. Its speed surpassed even that of an Olympic runner.

It held the spear up and hurled it straight at Kevin. The spear sliced through the air and was hurling towards him faster than he could blink.

"Oh, no!!" Kevin tried to escape but just before he could unbuckle his seat belt, the spear pierced through his windscreen, impaling him to his seat and cutting his seat belt in half.

The cannibal stood its ground, awaiting the speeding vehicle. It then raised a leg and smashed the car's bonnet, forcibly halting the car and causing Kevin to fly out of the windshield due to the impact.

He now had a gaping hole in his chest as his face skidded across the road.

Kevin was currently lying lifeless on the road, his bones broken and limbs disfigured.

Was this really how his life would end in his second life even though he had no recollection of his first one?

Unlike his first life, he didn't want to leave this world without finding out what happened to his mother.

If he could somehow survive this, he would do whatever it took to find out who and why his mother had been kidnapped. He will make them rue the day they messed with his beloved family.


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