My Evil Stepson System

Kevin Lannister was offered the chance to reincarnate by the goddess of Happiness for unknown reasons. He finally got to live a life of luxury in his new life but something totally unexpected occurred. His mother was kidnapped and his father fell into a coma. Now, it’s been three years and a twenty year old Kevin wanted to visit his dad in the hospital but a cannibal suddenly appears before him, killing him before he could see his dad. Was his life finally going to end without even finding out if his mother was still alive or not? But before he could release his last breath, a system notification sounded in his mind. [I am called Evil Stepson System. The goddess created and named me and my only purpose is to help you in seeking revenge, In other words, I’m here to make you the ultimate bad guy,] [But I didn’t expect to see a weak human. Aside from your physique, your strength and agility are average and not fitting of someone called my host,] “Parasite,” Kevin mutters. He has had enough of the system’s rudeness. It might have evil in its name but that doesn’t mean the system should act so rude to him. [Huh?] The system was shocked. “What’s wrong? Cat got your tongue?” An evil grin appeared on his face. Finally, the system was flabbergasted this time around. “You dwell in my head and you call me your host,” “ This means you need me to survive and that makes you a parasite cause I ain’t your damn Uber,” “You know what? I’m going to call you parasite as from now on,” [You wouldn’t dare,] “ I just did and I would again, a thousand times,” [Why you little!!] [Fine you win. What do I have to do to make you stop calling me that?] “Hmm, If you help me accomplish my mission of ending every single one of those who captured my mother. Maybe then, I’ll acknowledge the fact that you aren’t a parasite,” [Then I’ll definitely help you succeed,] [As a matter of fact, your first mission is ready. Would you like to see it?] “Yes,” [First Mission: Pop your cherry,] Kevin smirks and says. “You know what parasite, I think I’m beginning to like you,” [Hehe...me too,] “ You say what?” [Nothing,] Join Kevin as he tries to right the wrong of his previous world by making his family (especially mom) happy again. No NTR No Yuri Tags:- Milfs, Smut, Hardcore Intercourse, Virgins, Enemies Become Lovers.

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240 Chs

03. Conflict Between Father And Son.

"See! Kevin doesn't want it, so I'll just keep it."

Mason was glad to see that Kevin didn't want the video. He still had a lot to do under his bedsheets and no matter how many times he watched that video, he just couldn't get enough of it.

He looked forward to watching it again once Kevin returned home.

"Shut up. Didn't I introduce some steamy hot manga to you a few days ago? Trust me, he needs this after everything that happened to him at home. Who knows, Kevin may begin to see his new mom in a new light....hehe."

"You fool! In that case, I'm not collecting that video!!" Kevin blurted out, his cheeks reddening at the thought of what Abel said a few seconds ago.

He turned towards the restroom and said. "If there's nothing else you wanna tell me, I'll be borrowing your toilet for a while. I wouldn't want to be holding it in during the drive back home."

"Yeah, no problem. Take all the time you need. Oh! And you'll also see some high-class magazines there for you to enjoy. You're free to use whichever one works for you. Your little brother needs to have a bit of fun now and then. *Wink* *Wink*" Mason replied, winking with a smile.

Kevin returned the smile saying. "Your jokes never end, do they?" He says before entering the restroom.

Kevin was returning home today for the first time in three years.

Three years ago, his parents had gotten into an argument, and Kevin still had no idea why they had argued.

His parents had been constantly arguing every single day before he left.

It became a daily routine for them to argue and fight, which Kevin didn't like. Since he was an adopted child to both parents who raised him like he was truly their own, he had felt very depressed and sad, and he didn't want to store this new image of his parents in his mind any longer.

So, he sought to give them time by staying in school and heading to Mason's home to spend the holidays instead of going to his own home.

He had done this in the hopes that his parents would come to their right senses and reconcile.

'If they truly love me, then they will stop fighting and call me to come home. Only then will I return home.' He held on to this belief while he stayed away from home.

But nothing changed.

His parents' argument continued and soon his mother was forced to leave their house, leaving his father behind.

Even though Kevin stopped living with his parents, his dad still sent him a generous amount of money.

Most of the time, before he could spend his previous allowance he would receive a notification on his phone stating his bank account had been credited.

But none of that mattered to Kevin, the only thing he wanted was for his parents to be together again.

He had asked his father and mother why they argued so much, but both of them refused to say what the real cause of their constant fighting was.

Then a month passed and an unexpected news reached the ears of both Kevin and his father.


Hearing this, his father did everything he could to save his mother.

He gave the abductors everything they needed. He also called the police, who joined in the investigation. However, his wife remained missing.

The ones who captured his mother were never caught even though the cops had tried tracking the kidnappers whenever they called Kevin's dad.

Soon, rumours began to circulate after six months of intense investigation, that maybe his wife was dead or perhaps she had turned into a cannibal or an awakened.

This began to physically and mentally affect Kevin's dad.

His father blamed himself for the loss of his wife, but it was too late to right his wrongs. Kevin sensed his father's self-loathing and realized that he believed that Kevin also despised him.

Before his wife got captured, Kevin would call his father at least three times a week, pleading with him to stop fighting with his wife otherwise he wouldn't return home.

Now, no matter what Max Lannister did, Kevin never called him ever since the announcement of his mother's death.

A funeral was arranged for her, but there had been no body in the casket.

Kevin didn't attend the funeral because he refused to accept the death of his mother until he laid his eyes on her dead body.

'Until I see her, I won't accept her death,' These were his thoughts.

Max became increasingly concerned about his son's refusal to see or speak to him.

He even sent Kevin twice the amount of money he usually did each month, hoping that his son would one day forgive him.

Just like his wife, Max loved Kevin so much and the only solace he found from life was the fact that Kevin allowed Max to talk to either Abel or Mason and this made Max happy since at least he knew that his son was alive and well.

'At least, he is alive and healthy,' Max would tell himself, striving to work harder and hoping to one day hold his son in his arms again.

But a part of him was still worried about Kevin, so Max felt that Kevin needed to have another mother figure at home.

'Maybe if I get married once again, he'll return home to me,' Max contemplated this thought and finally came to a conclusion.

Two years later, Max informed Kevin, through Abel and Mason, of his desire to marry once again.

Kevin didn't say anything to him. He neither called nor texted Max, which made Max sadder, but Max didn't lose hope that things would get better one day.

A month later, Max married his new wife, Kevin's new stepmom. However, soon after his remarriage, Max had an accident and fell into a coma.

He was currently in a vegetative state due to his traumatic brain injuries.