My Evil Genius Wife

The girl barged into his office, ignoring the secretary's feeble attempts to stop her. He looked up from his files, his expression turning sour at the sight of the girl standing before him. "What do you want?" he asked, his voice chilly. She smirked and tossed her hair. "What do you think I want? I'm hungry. Take me out for lunch." He furrowed his brows. "Why should I? Haven't I already paid you compensation? I have no obligation to feed you, so leave." But she only sneered, her lips twisting into a malicious grin. "Do you really think you can escape from me so easily? Tsk, tsk. Mr. Han, you've underestimated me." "I'll track you down, no matter where you hide," she added, her voice dripping with venom. ... Jiang Yue was a member of the most popular and influential girl group, living a life of fame and glory. But when she dies in an accident and wakes up in the body of a hidden heiress of the Gu family, everything changes. Xu Nuan, once an obedient and timid girl, suddenly becomes sharp-tongued, bold, and fearless after the accident. But can those who have always looked down on her accept her newfound strength and courage? Han Zihao, the president of Han Corporations, is known for his cold and unyielding demeanor. But when Xu Nuan jumps in front of his car and forces him to yield, he finds himself struggling to deal with her fierce and spirited influence. How will he react to this sudden challenge to his authority? …. * NO RAPE OR MAJOR MISUNDERSTANDING* Follow on Instagram: @kamlyn_love Discord server: https://discord.gg/zdjyt5tS Note: Review and comment based on content. Any personal or hate comment or review will not be entertained and will be deleted right away. Criticisms are welcomed, not rude and hateful comments!

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[ This is HJ Entertainment. 

We have some good news for the fans of The Knights. Firstly, the fans don't need to worry about anything as The Knights will not be changing their group name and will continue their activities as 'The Knights' in the future as well. 

Secondly, the time has come!! It's time to announce the official fandom name of The Knights. After much deliberation with the girls and the staff, we have decided on a name for the fandom. 

The official fandom name of The Knights will be…DunDunDun…..


For The Precious Guardians, we have another good news. As no group is complete without their fans, the fans are incomplete without their official lightstick. To make 'The Guardians' the official fandom of The Knights, we will be releasing the most-awaited lightstick of The Knights shortly.