1 Am I in a hospital?

A girl was laying on the hospital bed wearing the blue color loose hospital gown. Her loose hair was spread on the white pillow and a white bandage was wrapped around her head.

The door of the recovery room opened and a nurse entered carrying a tray with the injections and cotton swabs on it. 

The nurse walked to the unconscious girl and picked up the injection and filled it with the medicine, after finding the vein, she disinfected her skin and put the syringe inside her skin.

" Ah.."


However, just as the syringe went inside her skin, the girl's hand started to flinch and she let out a painful cry.

The nurse was startled to see that the girl was gaining her consciousness.

It's been three days since she has been unconscious. This girl has come to the hospital because of an accident.

Her condition was very critical and even after the operation doctors were not sure if she could make it or not. She went into comatose after the surgery.

Doctors said to observe her for a few days and if there is some improvement in her recovery then there will be no problem but if she didn't gain consciousness under a week, it will be difficult for her to make it.

The nurse went to call the doctor leaving the girl alone in the room.

" Ah...why..my head?" The girl cried in pain as she tried to raise her hand to massage her head but couldn't do so because of the cannula which was attached to it.

Her eyelashes fluttered as she slowly opened her eyes. It took her some time for her eyes to get adjusted to the light.

When she opened her eyes, she could see the white ceiling and the smell of disinfectant irritated her nose.

She looked around and observed her surroundings. It seemed like a hospital room.

' Am I in a hospital?'

Before losing her consciousness she remembered that she was preparing for her action shoot and was attached to a harness.

While she was doing her scene high above in the sky, she was attached with a harness, however, she doesn't know what happened but her harness got loose and she fell down along with the harness.

All she remembered before losing her consciousness was the fear and a cutting pain which she felt all over her body.

When she remembered the killing pain, she felt like crying. However, the thought that she was alive, made her relieved.

Just as she was busy in her thoughts, the door of the hospital room pushed open and two doctors entered accompanied by three nurses.

The doctors were shocked to see that the girl had gained consciousness and was staring at them in daze.

They checked her vitals and found that surprisingly everything was fine. They were not expecting her to wake up soon but it was a good thing that she did.

The doctors did her full check-up and after an hour they returned again. Jiang Yue sat up with the nurse's help and supported her back against the elevated bed and stared at the doctors with a smile.

Doctors were surprised to see her smiling so brightly. Despite her pale face and colorless lips, her smile made her look youthful and beautiful.

" Doctor, how's my condition now? When can I start working again? Actually, I was working on my new album and I am just worried that it will be postponed because of my injury." She said with a bitter smile on her face.

The doctors were confused and glanced at the nurse in bewilderment. Album? They had no idea what she was talking about.

" Ah, Ms. Xu, you need to have complete rest for at least a month, and for the next two months, you can't do anything excessive activity. You need to give your body plenty of rest and time to heal."

Jiang Yue pursed her lips hearing the doctor's words. She was upset but she had expected this. After getting hurt so badly, what can she expect?

She nodded in understanding and said, " I understand. But after that, I can still work, right? And my vocal cords are still fine right. I can sing right?" She asked in nervousness.

She is a part of a girl group known as ' The Queens' which has four members and she was the vocalist in her group.

Not only she had heavenly vocals but her ethereal appearance which makes her outstanding among all four members. She was the eldest and the most popular one in her group.

Even though she was only 25 years old, she was the leader of her group and was the most popular idol who not only has looks but heavenly vocals as well.

Because of her popularity, she was also the endorser of many popular brands and was the face of her company. Before the debut of their group, her company was just a nameless one but with their increasing popularity, it became one of the leading companies.

That's why she was worried about her vocal cords. She loves music more than anything and doesn't want to stop her music career just because of an accident.

The doctor was confused and replied hesitantly, " Yes, you're vocal cords..are fine. Ms. Xu, you have a head injury, so you need to be careful and avoid taking any stress."

" If you take all the medicines and follow doctor's instructions, then you will have no problem in your daily life."

Jiang Yue nodded and said, " I understand. But doctor, why do you keep calling me Ms. Xu?" She chuckled and said, " I think you confused me with some other patient. My last name is Jiang, not Xu. It's Jiang Yue."

She said her name calmly because she thought that he confused her name with some other patient.

People generally recognize her as Ming Yue which means bright moon which is her stage name. Only her fans and close people know her real name.



The doctors were confused hearing her words. The doctor who was standing beside her asked the nurse for her report.

He double-checked the name of the patient, wondering if he really made a mistake. However, there was no mistake.

The doctor looked at the nurse and said, " Take her CT scan. Also, continue observing her."

" Doctor, is there any problem?" Jiang Yue got worried after seeing the doctor's reaction.

" Ms. Xu Nu..can you remember what happened before you lost your consciousness?" The doctor stopped himself in the middle of calling her name.

" Ergh... Yes. I was shooting for my upcoming album and while doing the action scene, the safety harness broke and I fell from quite a height."


The doctors were speechless hearing her explanation. Shooting for an album? Harness?

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