My Erotic Wives In Another World

Summoned to another world, Akira was given the chance to woo his childhood friend and become the strongest despite starting with the worst attributes thanks to his Monster Girl Taming class, which allowed him to share his pet's attributes. He wanted to be strong, ashamed of his weak otaku self and abandoned everything for that goal, even if it meant becoming a vampire. Using his new class and a system to help his bond with monster girls grow for rewards, Akira was on the path to becoming the strongest. Rena, his childhood friend and devoted yandere lover, supports him through all his hardships as Akira parts from the kingdom and becomes labelled a Demon King! He becomes a villain to survive and protect the women he loves most. The change would lead him to the ultimate harem life with pretty monster girls and surpass the Hero while crushing those who claim he is evil and seek his death for the world's balance only to crush them and fall into the warm embrace of sexy women as their King.

Crimson_Tyrant · Fantasy
Not enough ratings
95 Chs

Relentless Fury

Before the battle started, Mari came back from her short rest. It felt like only an hour had passed if that, but she was now perky and bright and full of smiles and back in her erotic, mature lady form.

"Akira, this weapon would suit your demon form more than the current spear you have been using." The childish voice of Mari sounded as she pulled a huge longsword with a thick blade from her cleavage....

"Hehe... are you interested? My Item storage tool is a tattoo fufu~ want to touch it?"

This woman is a hundred times older than me, yet why is she so cute and young? It makes no sense.

However, the blade was quite cool, with strange etchings along the surface and a wide blade with serrated edges near the base.

It must have been 105cm (41.3") long, maybe a little more, while the blade was wide, ideal for blocking, dodging or defending against arrows being over 12.5cm (5") wide.