501 You can grant spells?

As was expected, his two jewels didn't like being overstimulated with a succubus so they started aching. Gracie bend down for a kiss but a hand grabbed her mouth.

"Told you not to do it, learn some restraint." It was Alice, "Remember that you have a powerful toxin, just because he can endure it doesn't mean it's fine to keep giving him more."

Gracie gave Alice an empty look, her eyelid dangling as she opened her mouth. Crunch! She bit her hand, "I know."

She quickly finished, with Alice monitoring them, she couldn't take her time.

She slowly pulled out and lay on the side. Marina approached from underneath, she hasn't done it in a while.

As she grabbed it with her hand, she got a feeling that something was off.

She above him and tried to push it slowly down, it was tight, painful, and required some force to push it in. As she fell into her deepest spot, she sighed in relief, for a moment she thought taking it all in was impossible.


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