23 The red night!

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They quickly finished the bath, Sofia did make sure they were as clean as they could and even double-checked Selena!

'Now that I look at her...' Sofia thought looking at Selena's upper side, 'Those milk sacks are bigger than mine!'

"What do you eat? hehe!" Sofia said with a depressed look, she was decent but not like Selena!

"Hem, Me-nya?" Selena looked back at Sofia, "And who else do you I'm speaking with?"

"Eat meat to put on meat-nya! Those were my mom's words!" Selena replied genuinely, she didn't realize that Sofia was staring at her chest and thought she meant generally!

She was a jaguar so it's to be expected, they are carnivores who mainly eat fresh meat! Unlike humans who might find it hard to digest fresh meat, Selena finds it hard to digest greens!

'She eats a lot of meat and moves a lot, that is probably what I'm lacking!' Sofia thought. As sad as it may seem, the truth is that in the past years, she has been extremely poor!

Sofia sometimes even spent days without food as she tried hard to survive! Things were going downhills for her since her house burned down!

Not wanting to remember more, Sofia erased the thought from her head. 'It's in the past, I already got past that!' she thought, taking a deep breath. 'I have a new family now, I should think about the past!'

"Selena, can I check your shoes?" She asked with a smiling face.

The shoes had holes in them, Selena's claws did that! Just as she thought, special boots have to be made for her!

"Do you think Cain will be angry-nya!" He bought it for her this morning, after all, tearing it in less than a half-day was a problem!

"I bet he wouldn't care, cheer up!" Sofia encouraged her.

As the two girls got out Cain was waiting for them, For some reason, his glittering blue eyes felt different to Sofia! Unlike the first time when she couldn't look him in the eyes!

They were oddly beautiful, stacked with his pure white hair gave him even more charm!

"You finished? Let's head home!" Cain said with a smile, Sofia nodded but Selena stayed silent, making Cain worry for a bit.

"Her new shoes got torn by her claws, what do you think?" Sofia spoke directly, spilling the beans as fast as she could!

"Sofia-nya! What are you saying!" Selena panicked, trying to grab onto Sofia.

"Is that why she look depressed?" Cain had a smile on his face, "I already ordered new costume-made boots for the both of you!"

"What? How?" Sofia was surprised, she didn't expect him to have already thought of that!

"What-nya? Isn't it pricey!" Selena asked as she looked at Cain with guilty eyes, she felt as if this was her fault!

"This might seem weird but I hold grudges! The boots are going to be made of that Cobra's hide! I also ordered a scale armor to be made for you..." Looking at Selena, "As well as bags and some leather coats and other things!!"

'Probably we should never anger him!' Selena though.

"Did you leave us with any money?" Sofia was worried he had spent everything in one go.

"Don't worry, we can't eat the cobra's meat but dogs can! It did sell well!" Cain showed them a bag full of gold coins.

Daraku has only taken two gold coins as payment from the guild, saying they didn't do that much in the fight. For reference, the Cobra had a bounty on its head, and slaying it was an A-rank quest! Not counting the money for selling the corpse. Cain has ended with a reward of over 56 gold coins!

Being curious, Cain asked Daraku why he only took two gold coins, he got an interesting answer!

"Let's go, we're heading to a unique place!" Cain said a smug smile on his face.

The two girls looked at him in confusion, tonight they were going to do the thing! Did he forget?

"Shouldn't we head back to the inn to do the...you know!" Sofia asked, her face turning bright red at the last sentence. Selena just nodded behind her.

"The walls there are too thin!" this was all they needed to hear, they had a rough night awaiting them!

"Hehehe, When they say stop they mean to continue, keep that in your mind lad!!" The old woman, the bath owner, commented.

"SHAAA!" Selena snapped at her, she clearly understood what she meant! Sofia had to interfere and stop her. "Let me go-nya!" Selena growled, "You hear me hag, I will maul your face-nya!"

It took them some time to calm her, Selena wasn't really angry but more annoyed with the old lady putting her nose in their personal affair.

"I will keep that in mind!" Cain gave the old woman a thumbs up before leaving.

As they walked, the two girls started to feel a bit nervous as they entered a part of the city that they didn't like. The red alley, a place filled with brothels!

"Are you sure this is the right way?" Sofia asked and Cain nodded, making sure to keep the two girls in his arms. It should be apparent that they are with him, and not alone as this area was dangerous!

Cain was worried about Sofia's safety if she got lost here alone but not as much for Selena, she most probably will return to him with a dead body in her mouth!

Soon, they entered one of the brothels and a man greeted them. He was slim and tall with a long and thin mustache!

"What would master want?" As asked, rubbing hands together.

"A soundproof room for one night, that's all!" Cain replied as if he had already known what he want.

"Is that all? Some of our most talented staff are available tonight!" The man suggested but Cain shook his head. "We only need the room!"

"Well then, For three people it will be 3 gold coins!" The man said with a slightly sad face. "Well, they are all sitting in the room over there." The man pointed out, "Feel free to go take any one of them! just remember that you have to pay with how much the girl decides!"

Without inspecting the room the man pointed out, Cain took Selena and Sofia to the room where the magic happens!


He closed the door tightly, behind them.

Selena was the most excited one, in the blink of an eye, she was already half-naked! "Wha...What are you doing?" Sofia gasped.

"I want to go first-nya! Let's hurry-nya!" She dragged Sofia to the bed, Cain quickly joined them.

Selena didn't take long before being in her birthday suit, "I...also...want to be the first!" Sofia whispered, she was too embarrassed to speak out loud, her bright red!

"What-nya?" Selena looked at her with a stupid face, 'You say that but you're still wearing clothes?' Selena thought.

"You want to go first-nya? Are you sure-nya?" Selena asked and Sofia nodded.

"It decided then-nya!" Selena jumped on top of Sofia, forcefully stripping her down, "If you want to go first then hurry-nya! Cain help me give her courage-nya!"

Cain was like, 'Well she said she wants to go first!' and helped Selena hold Sofia down. As they finished, Cain also took his clothes off.

As soon as she saw him, Sofia gave up and opened her heart to him, albeit being still scared as it was her first!

Cain hesitated to start as well, seeing how scarred Sofia was. "Get it over with-nya!" Selena pushed Cain from the back starting it.

"Kya!!" Sofia cried as she got her full! Each time Cain slowed he would get a slap on his back from Selena "Go faster-nya!", and each time Sofia asked him to slow down she would be slapped on the chest, "Have more guts-nya!"

At some point, Selena was riding Cain's back, pressing him down on Sofia.

By the time they finished, Sofia was done for, shaking and drooling on the bed.

"Did you like it-nya!" Selena said with a smug face.

"Make her regret that!" Sofia whispered to Cain, Selena heard that.

Using his entire strength, Cain pushed Selena down from her wrists and got directly in, with all his weight! At that point he realized, It was her first as well!!

"Ah! It hurts-meow!" Cain stopped as soon as heard her cries, "Sorry, did I go too far?"

Instead of speaking, Selena wrapped her arms around his neck, "No, this is how it should be, use all your strength-meow!" Hearing that as he saw the face she was making, Cain's mind went blank.

Using all his weight, he pressed the advantage! Soon enough Sofia joined to help him, stroking Selena's tail, she knew it was sensitive!

No matter how much she asked them to stop, Cain just kept pushing ahead with all his might! Why? because each time he stopped, this happened.

Selena who was meowing and heavily breathing slapped him saying "Why did you stop-meow, keep going-meow!" clinging to him with both her legs and arms.

With, he went as hard as he could on her, leaving her trembling with a big smile on her face.

After that rough fight, Cain felt exhaustion down his back, "That was... something!" he said.

"Cain..." Sofia hugged him from the back, she didn't need to say anything for him to understand, he swiftly flipped her on the bed.

Before they could start again, Sofia seemed as she wanted to say something but was too embarrassed to speak. Seeing her cover her cute red face, Cain concluded what she wanted to say, "I also love you!" he gave a long kiss from a country that doesn't exist in that world.

She struggled for a bit before surrendering to it, as he was done she was still too embarrassed to speak but had gathered her courage, opening her darkest desire to him.

Without speaking, she just gestured and he concluded what did she want! No matter what she asked him to do, Cain just did it without thinking, he just asked if she is okay with him doing whatever he wants to her as well. She nodded in agreement!

With that, Cain helped himself to her as she helped herself into him...

As they finished, Sofia fell asleep immediately, she had exhausted all her stamina and filled her heart to the brim!

Cain was still awake, albeit extremely exhausted, his never-bending will have already gotten weak!

"Meow!" This was all he needed to hear, The wild cat gave him a long taste from toes to face with a single swift motion, sliding her whole body on top of him! "More-meow!"

Even with her saying that! He had already used too much of his stamina, and as he didn't want to disappoint her, Cain kissed her the same way he did with Sofia.

"I'm exhausted, if you want to continue, feel free to find a way to get me back up!"

As her mouth had more uses than killing things, Cain soon became a toy under her before passing out from exhaustion.


Cain woke up in the middle of the night, his hips hurting. 'Did I fall asleep?' The last thing he remembered was Selena hopping on top of him as she licked his chest.

Remembering that energized him again, Looking around, the girls were asleep as well. Weirdly enough, Selena was hugging his head and Sofia hugging his leg!

Shaking Selena slightly, he knew it might be bad to wake her just to have another go but couldn't resist the urge.

"What-nya!" She said half asleep.

Cain asked if they could do it one more time, he got an interesting answer.

"Listen, Cain...I don't know about Sofia so I'm speaking for myself!" She said as she sat beside him.

"I like you to be rough-nya, wild-nya!" she clung to him, "Don't ask for my permission ever again, do whatever you want to me, and if I was uncomfortable with it I will be the one to tell you!"

She slowly kissed his hand, "The hand that freed me!" she her it tightly. "Even if I was uncomfortable, I will bear it for you!"

Cain stared at her blankly, unable to process what he had just heard.

The one to first break that awkward atmosphere was Sofia, slowly sliding to the both of them, "Me as well, but I expect you to do the same as well!"

The second bout began, after hearing what he heard, Cain felt as if a screw had gotten undone in his head.

This he had gone even harder on Selena and even asked Sofia to show her shameful desires in front of her!

The night passed quickly, and it was morning, the bonding between the three of them was harder than the night itself!

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