36 Taking Care of Selena!

Looking at the two girls, from head to toe, he wasn't going to hold for long! Whatever is the thing that was hiding in the back of his head, it's trying to get out!

A cold shiver ran down his spine, giving him goosebumps! He could feel the tingling in his mouth. Sofia's fair and smooth legs, and slightly pinkish toenails, are decorated with the bracelets. Following up to her thin yet defined hips, waist, and modest chest! She seemed closer to his grasp than ever!

Selena's body also looked attractive, yet she didn't have a psychological punch as Sofia did! Cain could resist it as he had 14 Wisdom!

He was standing on the edge, he would snap at any moment! If Sofia did a single move if she had moved toward him just an inch! He wouldn't be able to resist.

If Selena twisted her body once more, if she tried to get closer to him, he would jump right in!

At that moment, Alice's face flashed in his head reminding him of what he needed to do! At this time, at this moment, she was still there suffering, her whole body burning as it destroyed itself!

'Resist it! Resist it!' He told himself, quickly standing out and turning back.

'It's not the right time to think about this! Finish work first!'

'Few! 17 charisma is scary! I don't think it will be dangerous in day-to-day life yet, as her robe will be hiding most of her body, but the low angle I got was dangerous!'

Cain felt relieved that Sofia wasn't in his field of view now. If she had 18 charisma he might have given up!

'I need to level my wisdom!' He was resisting the temptations thanks to his 20 Intelligence yet it wasn't enough! He could bet if Sofia asked him he would have to submit!

"Are you alright?" Sofia asked, sending shivers in Cain.

He took a deep breath, thinking about what he was going to say, "I'm going to start working now, take this time to see if you could still move well while wearing those!" Cain told them, they needed to leave him alone for a moment so he could calm down.

Each of the two girls kissed Cain on the cheek before leaving in a hurry, electrifying him one last time!

Thank goodness they left as he had time to calm himself down!


After taking his time, Cain was ready to start working on what he needed for Alice! Triggering the spell to turn her body into a devil should be simple as long as he tracks the original spell! The problem was the nature of the process itself!

Changing her whole body from a human to a devil meant that at some point her human body needs to stop functioning! The pain resulting from that is going to be excruciating which meant he needed to brew a sedative and a pain killer for her!

This would probably mean that, Ironically, one of the most painful things in the world is going to be the first time she didn't feel pain!

Let's get things back on track.

Creating a pain killer and a sedative.

Getting Alice's consent and finding the source of the first spell.

Finishing the transformation and binding her to him.

Taking Jack out without getting in trouble with the lord's family.

It's going to be a long night, I just hope it ends well!

Cain remembered how Jack pulled Sofia from her hair in the fight today, he could feel his blood rushing. Sofia's figure passed through his mind, further fueling his anger.

'Laying a hand on my woman...Jack, your balls seem to have grown big and ready for harvest!'

Cain wasn't even thinking about preventing or preparing for the catastrophe at this point, it have turned personal between him and Jack!

He had already bought what he needed as he had expected and it had only taken him a few hours to finish making the two drugs. They both had a murky brown color which made them look disgusting, even the smell was bad!

It was almost dusk, time to head back to the inn! He had a long night ahead of him, firstly taking care of Selena and then going to meet Alice.

"Yo, Already going?" Daraku called to him, seemingly having something on his mind.

Cain looked at him all prepared, 'Is he going on a mission?' "Yeah, It's almost dusk!" Replying with a gentle smile.

"Say, you're going into the lord's mansion, right? Wanna tag along if you don't mind." Daraku suggested, he already guessed that Cain was heading there.

As the look on his face said I'm going to follow you no matter what, Cain just gave up and nodded, "Two better than one! One condition, Leave me alone with Alice." Cain said his part, lifting one finger.

"Got it, In the meantime, I will search for that smelly bastard!" Daraku replied, implying that he agreed and that he will look for Jack's location.

It was great having an expert rogue by his side, It meant exploring the mansion is going to be faster! Cain wasn't just going to ask Alice about her brother's location as that seemed wrong.

"City plaza beside the abandoned well, at midnight. You don't need to bring any lights!"

Daraku didn't seem to be bothered at all with a mission in darkness, Cain could guess it was his normal working condition as a rogue!

After returning to the Inn with Sofia and Selena, they were greeted by Mabel this time, Evan seems to be busy cooking today. As the sweet smell of food entered their noses they stopped for dinner.

There was still quite some time before midnight so they took their time, It was Selena's turn so Cain had to take care of her first! Missions are missions but his girls come first always.

It didn't take them long to finish eating and head back to Cain's room, after chatting a bit it was time. After giving Sofia a good night kiss, she headed back to her room leaving the two for action.

As soon as the door was closed, Selena got wild, she has been keeping herself calm until now! It's the moment she was waiting for the whole day.

Cain as well wasn't able to stay calm, especially after what happened today, he needed to take it out on someone!

"I might get a bit rough on you, is that okay! Cain said, slowly approaching Selena.

Upon hearing that she Instantly jumped at him, "That's my line-meow! Don't hold back-meow!"

Even after hearing her, Cain wanted to start slowly, going rough from the start might be bad even if she asked for it.

The two of them dropped to the bed, Cain on top of her. He slowly took her shirt off, giving her a long kiss as his hand crept to the lower lands.

He could feel her body slowly reacting yet it wasn't apparent, her breath haven't changed yet.

Slowly going down her neck, until he reached her chest, giving it the best care he could. she was finally starting to feel it.

After going about it for some time, It seemed as if Selena needed more. Just that wasn't to get her even close. She quickly switched sides, and Cain was unable to resist due to the huge strength difference.

In the blink of an eye, she has already slipped downward taking a deep taste after the other. Cain tried to get but was stopped by the feeling of her biting down on him.

"You can play like this with Sofia-nya! Be rough on kitty-meow!" Cain seemed to finally understand Selena's wild nature, it wasn't just her preferences. Her strong body can't react well to weak stimulation, she needed it to be a bit extreme for her to feel it.

Cain put his hand on her hair, "I understand, can you relax a bit as I can't move you well!" Since she was using her strength to pin him down he wasn't able to move.

Selena could understand that so she relaxed, letting him move her to any position he desired.

He just couldn't take time with her, making her sleep on her belly, he used all his might to drill into her. Only then managed to hear her meowing! Quickly remembering they were in the inn, He closed her mouth with his hand.

As Cain was drowning in his pleasure, an accident happened! He had gone down the wrong way, he seems to have gotten out due to the sheer speed he was drilling with.

Unlike Cain who didn't notice, Selena quickly felt the sharp pain, and was about cry, she honestly was about to jump out at full strength pushing Cain away. Yet, she gritted her teeth and didn't move a muscle, taking the full burn!

She was the one who asked him to be rough, she did mean it on the other side though! 'I already told him he can go as he wants, and I even made the selfish request and asked him to be rough! If he wanted to use that he can use it as much as he wants!'

Selena was thinking that Cain was aware of what he was doing and didn't want to tell him off.

Time passed and it was time to go, Cain quickly finished, leaving her twitching in the bed! He wasn't able to see as the room was dark but she seemed to have found a way to enjoy it!

After quickly changing Cain rushed out the window, heading toward the city plaza to meet Daraku. It was midnight!

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