506 Rumbling of the new beginning IV

Cain glanced down the inn's bar, it has never changed. But the people staring at him were new. Gently, he flicked his finger and most people there made a dumb faces.

"What did you do?" Mable asked with a worried face.

"My name is Cain and I look like Cain, but I'm not him. It's just a coincidence that we look similar." Cain said with a smile.

It took Mable a few seconds to guess but she eventually realized he used magic. Someone like him must not have the time to waddle around greeting new adventures and telling them stories.

As she was expecting Cain to leave for his business, she got surprised to see him sit at a table and call Evan.

Cain smiled looking at the menu, the old wooden table felt the same. The scent of freshly baked bread filled the air. "So, I want bread. Bread with butter and some sweet bread and also some…"

"Get something besides bread…" Evan growled at him holding a platter.


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