509 Problems at the maze II

Cain sighed, not wanting to believe what he just heard. He stared at Mei. "Explain…"

"I did send a group of scouts to gather resources outside and I did tell them to try and recruit other pixies if they met. One of the methods of recruiting was giving them mana, to show what kind of food they can expect to find." Mei looked hesitated.

"I still can't see where the problem starts, when Titania comes into play?" Zaleria spoke first and glared at Mei.

"I did say that the queen was a bit addicted to mana, always looking for new flavors." Mei stared at Cain.

"You indeed did."

"Well, she caught wind of that and got some of our samples. Managed to guess they were diluted and managed to concentrate them back. She only had a drop of your raw mana but that was enough to get her hooked. Now she keeps sending people looking for us and our source of mana. That's why the messenger came here last time…"

Cain thought about it for a moment and then looked at Mei, "How about you invite her?"


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