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"Did I really die?" Cain Lisworth woke up in the adventurer guild, he had returned to the start of his journey after being killed by the cosmos guards. Armed with his knowledge, he started his life once again trying to break the heavenly orders and escape the mortal world. This time, without mistakes he will rise back to the top and reclaim his throne as the strongest enchanter in history! **** Please Give my other works a look. They are far more refined, especially the newest book [The Supervillain Transmigrated Into a Runt to Avoid Resurrection] [The dragon's harem] Is also pretty good. This story finally has a Discord server. Please visit it to see character art, or demand art to be created for a specific character. Only ask how someone looks, and I will get it out. https://discord.gg/EvfXR9BjBH Discord: Alen_Tanor#1599

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Mauzzkyl's Mission and Kali's order

As Eilistraee walked back to her castle, she sensed someone in a nearby bar. With a smile, she turned and headed toward him.

Inside the musty bar, tens of drow were drinking merrily as the news of Lolth's fall reached their ears.

In the corner, while sitting at a table while being served by a young drow girl. A drow kid sat there drinking alone. The moment Eilistraee entered the bar, he stared at her, and she looked back at him.

"It's been a while." As she approached him, the whole bar disappeared into the darkness. The kid stood and looked at Eilistraee with a smile. The girl serving him took a step back and bowed lightly.

"How have you been?" He smiled, and Eilistraee sat beside him. The girl served them both drinks with a passive face.

"You like that form, don't you? Mauzzkyl." Eilistraee said, glaring at him and the girl with him.

"It's good for deceiving people. No one will expect me to be a kid." He smiled.

"And the girl?" she asked.